Weekend Sessions (Emory campus)

Weekend Sessions (Emory campus)

Emory's Course of Study School offers three weekend sessions at the Emory campus in Atlanta: winter, spring, and fall.

  • Both part-time and full-time licensed local pastors are allowed to attend weekend hybrid sessions.
  • Hybrid classes only meet in person for one weekend on a Friday & Saturday. The rest of the work is done before the in-class meeting (pre-class work) and after the in-class meeting (post-class work).


$75 - registration fee
$250 - course fee
Please note that almost all annual conferences offer financial assistance to their COS students. Please speak with your district or annual conference to find out more about their specific scholarship information.


HOW TO REGISTER: Click here to register for any of the weekend sessions on the Emory campus.


A NOTE ABOUT THE CLASS WORKLOAD:  Every COS class has work due before the class meets in person (pre-class work) and work that is due after the class meets in person (post-class work).

2020 Winter Session - details to come

2019 Spring Session: April 26-27
Registration Opens: August 31, 2018
Registration Closes: February 8, 2019

  • 123 - Formation & Discipleship (FULL; closed to further registrations)
  • 224 - Administration & Polity (FULL; closed to further registrations)
  • 424 - Ethics (FULL; closed to further registrations)

2019 Summer Weekend Session: July 26-27
Registration Opens: December 10, 2018
Registration Closes: May 8, 2019

  • 121 - Bible I: Introduction (FULL; closed to further registrations)
  • 224 - Administration & Polity
  • 421 - Bible IV: Psalms, Prophets & Wisdom Literature

2019 Fall Session: October 25-26
Registration Opens: April 30, 2019
Registration Closes: August 7, 2019

  • 124 - Transformative Leadership
  • 223 - Worship & Sacraments
  • 324 - Preaching
  • 523 - Evangelism

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"I learned so much just in my first year of COS that helped me become a better pastor; in particular, the course in pastoral care helped me in my work with the elderly and sick."
-Becky Forrest, South Carolina Conference