Florida Satellite School

Florida Satellite School

The Florida Satellite School is a program sponsored by the Emory Course of Study School and endorsed by the Florida Annual Conference and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

All classes offered through the Florida Satellite School are hybrid classes. This means that 15 contact hours are conducted in a residential format over the course of one weekend (Friday and Saturday). The other 5 contact hours are conducted online before and after the class meets. Classes are offered throughout the state during the course of the year. 

The Florida Satellite School is designed for part-time and full-time local pastors who: 

  • are a certified candidate for ministry
  • have completed the requirements for licensing as a local pastor
  • have received endorsement by the Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry

Supply pastors and those eligible for, but not currently under, appointment may attend if endorsed by their District Superintendent and their Annual Conference.

BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN:  Every COS class has pre-class work that is due before you arrive on campus. If you would like to see a syllabus before you register for the class, just email Amy Walker at awalke8@emory.edu to have it emailed to you!

2019 Winter Session information will be available August 2018

2019 Spring Session information will be available August 2018

2018 Fall Session: October 12-13 meets in Lakeland, FL
Registration Deadline: July 24, 2018

  • COS 123 - Formation & Discipleship (syllabus available)
  • COS 222 - Theological Heritage II: Early Church (syllabus not yet available)

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"Emory COS offers learning in one of the greatest schools in the country, with amazing, wonderful professors."
-Diane Johnston, Western North Carolina Conference