Why Hire a Candler Student?

What they do

Our 8,132 alumni live out their calls all around the world. Among the thousands of job titles they hold:

  • Church pastor
  • College, hospital, or military chaplain
  • Social service organization director

They advocate for social change. They educate others. They lead Christian agencies and denominational bodies. In short, they are real people making a real difference in the real world.

How they do it

Candler students develop important skills for the complex world they'll need to navigate, including:

  • Critical Thinking. Rigorous training in the ability to read and think critically.
  • Persuasive Writing. Writing about a range of subjects having to do with the world, humanity and the important issues for our time.
  • Agency. Seeing what needs to be done and taking the initiative to begin that work.
  • Community Asset Building. Possessing the ability to see available resources that can be used to enhance the community.   
  • Community Change. Using their practical experience interacting with people and agencies to effect real change in communities.
  • Creativity. Solving problems in new and exciting ways.
  • Empathy. Caring about situations, people, and better outcomes for both.
  • Diversity. A deep awareness of and the ability to constructively engage with people of all backgrounds.
  • Practical Ministry. Experience in the day-to-day tasks of managing an organization.
  • Constructive Theology. Crafting a narrative from data to tell a compelling story.  
  • Universal Thinking. Drawing links between religion and faith and the most pressing matters facing individuals and societies.
  • Theology. A foundation in Christian Scripture and tradition in addition to deep engagement in the world.
  • Public Intellectualism. Accustomed to being public theologians: ethics, moral leadership, human rights, social philosophy, are all built into the curriculum.

Candler students may take additional coursework in a specific area of interest to deepen their knowledge base. Common focus areas include:

  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Healthcare as Social Justice
  • Skills in Conflict Transformation
  • Nonviolence & Peacebuilding
  • Moral Leadership
  • Women and Society
  • And more….

Post a Job

Candler partners with the Emory Career Center to host job listings using the online tool Handshake, so your job posting will be shared not only with Candler students and alumni but with others in the Emory community. 

Join with Career Services to share job opportunities with Candler students and alumni. Whether you need help registering with Handshake, writing job descriptions and posting them, or marketing your jobs to our students, we’re here to help. Contact us for help or post a job online directly.

On-Campus Interviews

If you would like to interview Candler candidates on campus, Career Services can help. In addition to providing you with a room, we can also accommodate Skype access if the student you are interviewing is currently abroad. On-campus interview support is reserved solely for Candler students and alumni in your candidate pool. Contact Career Services.

Connect with Candler Students

Host an Event at Candler

Meet & Greets, Info Sessions, Coffee Chats, or even joining us for Chapel are great ways to meet the students. Contact Career Services to plan events at Candler.

Attend Contextual Education Open Houses

Contextual Education Open Houses in the fall and spring provide an opportunity to connect with students as they are exploring their options for formation in clinical and ecclesial settings. Let us introduce you to our Contextual Education faculty to learn more about upcoming dates.

Host a Career Trek

Inviting a group of students to visit your organization gives them a glimpse into a “day in the life” there and helps them gain a better understanding of your organization’s culture. Employers offer short presentations, networking with current employees, facility tours, and are encouraged (but not expected) to offer hospitality (hint: students love doughnuts and pizza!).

Student Résumé Books

Student Résumé Books are virtual collections of active job seekers organized by class year, denomination, and type of work they are interested in—internship, part-time, or full-time. Contact Career Services for your copy of Candler’s Résumé Book or register as an employer to search the database of our student job seekers.