News Releases


Faculty Contribute to New Biblical Resource (07.24.2014)
Long's Latest Book Takes Silver (07.17.2014)
Candler Receives Grant to Explore Changes in Theological Education (06.30.2014)
Pitts Library Moves to New Building (06.30.2014)
A Grateful Community Bids Farewell to Luther Smith (06.11.2014)
Key Comments on Southern Baptist Presidential Election (06.10.2014)
Wright Article Explains the Bible was Designed for People, not States (06.2.2014)
Key Comments on Church Membership Decline (05.29.2014)
REAL Commitment: Summer Puts Candler Education in Context (05.29.2014)
Lost in Translation (05.22.2014)
Online Course Exploring the Bible's Legacy Starts May 26 (05.19.2014)
Candler Congratulates the Class of 2014 (05.12.2014)
REAL People: Reflections on Commencement (05.6.2014)
'Inspiring Young Leaders' from Candler to Preach on 'Day 1' (05.1.2014)
Franklin Quoted in Story on Election Rigging in Nigeria (04.30.2014)
The Role of Religious Ritual (04.24.2014)
'Food & Faith' the Topic du Jour at April 24 Webinar (04.22.2014)
Wright Delivers Biblical Insight to the Masses (04.17.2014)
Candler Pauses for Holy Week (04.15.2014)
Final Dean's Lecture to Address Latin American Immigration (04.14.2014)
Honors Day Highlights Candler's Best, Brightest  (04.11.2014)
Live Streaming Brings Candler's Worship to You (04.9.2014)
Dean's Lecture Looks Toward 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (04.8.2014)
Centennial Conference to Focus on Future of Theology (04.3.2014)
'On the Border' Course Provides Firsthand Look at Immigration (04.2.2014)
REAL Commitment: Worship Planning Makes Space for the Spirit (04.1.2014)
New Testament Scholar to Offer Fresh Perspective on Luke (03.28.2014)
Students Find 'Solace in Silence' at Spring Break Retreat (03.25.2014)
Recommended Reading from Candler's Well-Read (03.19.2014)
Southern Baptist Convention President to Address 'Rebuilding' (03.12.2014)
A Different Kind of Exam: Practicing Lent in Seminary (03.7.2014)
One Nation Under God: Exploring America's Religious Fervor (03.3.2014)
The Plantation Church: A Q&A with Noel Erskine (02.27.2014)
Wright's 'Remembering King David' Examines the Historical David (02.26.2014)
Phillips on Iowa Public Radio: 'Religion in the Digital Age' (02.24.2014)
Key Interviewed about 'Spontaneous Baptism' Phenomenon (02.24.2014)
Emory Names Franklin to Lead Laney Legacy in Moral Leadership (02.20.2014)
Emory University Open Friday, February 14 (02.14.2014)
Emory University Closed due to Weather (02.12.2014)
Emory University Closed due to Weather (02.11.2014)
Candler Asks for Your Nominations for the Centennial Dean's Medal (02.11.2014)
University Closed Tuesday, Feb. 11 (02.10.2014)
What Wondrous Love is This? Candler's Lenten Resource (01.31.2014)
Emory University Closed due to Weather (01.28.2014)
'The Intersection of Oppression and Privilege': Bishop Talbert to Speak February 5 (01.27.2014)
Long Leads List of Presenters at Preaching Institute (01.27.2014)
Bernard Lafayette Jr.'s Special MLK Day Broadcast (01.24.2014)
Summa Cum Laude: Three Installed as Chaired Professors (01.22.2014)
Bishop White's Letter to Martin Luther King, Jr. Chronicles Changes in Racial Equality (01.17.2014)
Smith Offers 'Political Theology Start-Up Kit' (01.13.2014)
Provost Opens Spring Semester January 14 (01.9.2014)
Scholarships Provide a Wealth of Opportunity for Candler Students (01.8.2014)
Spelman College Glee Club To Perform January 23 (01.7.2014)
New Webinars Launch January 16 (01.3.2014)
Candler Celebrates 100 Years (01.3.2014)
Strawn Discusses Pope Francis' Effects on Church, World (01.2.2014)


Merry Christmas from Candler School of Theology! (12.20.2013)
Highlights: A Semester With Barbara Brown Taylor (12.20.2013)
Debate Continues Over Online Communion (12.19.2013)
REAL Change: Candler Helps Cultivate Students' Unique Call to Ministry (12.18.2013)
REAL Commitment: Leadership Candler Helps Sidelined Athlete Find Seminary (12.12.2013)
Anticipating a Great Light: Advent at Candler (12.5.2013)
LaFayette Memoir Offers First Person Look into Civil Rights Movement (12.2.2013)
REAL Dialogue: Ellison and Gordon Give Voices To Society's Muted (12.1.2013)
Candler on List of 'Seminaries That Change the World' (11.25.2013)
REAL Change: Alum Resurrects Respect for those Relegated to the Margins (11.24.2013)
REAL International Engagement: Seeking Stories of Truth (11.24.2013)
Smith to Usher In Advent on 'Day 1' (11.21.2013)
Strawn to Discuss New DMin Degree in Dec. 6 Webinar (11.21.2013)
Wright to Preview 'King David' November 21 (11.19.2013)
REAL Change: Ayres' 'Good Food' Brings Theology to the Table (11.13.2013)
Application Deadline for New Master Degree Programs Extended to December 15 (11.7.2013)
Kysar Remembered for Scholarship, Humanity (11.6.2013)
REAL Possibilities: Candler Serves Those Who Serve Our Country (11.5.2013)
Lecture to Focus on Modern-Day Christians in Syria  (11.4.2013)
Candler Finds More Ways to Serve the Church (10.29.2013)
Key Quoted In Wall Street Journal (10.22.2013)
Advocate and Author Becca Stevens To Speak on "Living Out Love" (10.22.2013)
Reformation Day Highlights Past and Present Contributions of Women  (10.17.2013)
Moseley, Combs Honored As Community Servants (10.14.2013)
Virtual Communion? Phillips Weighs In (10.3.2013)
Taylor's McDonald Lecture Dwells In Life's Dark Offerings (10.1.2013)
Dean's Lecture Series to Explore Issues in Theological Education Abroad (09.26.2013)
REAL Commitment: Recruited Student Becomes Student Recruiter (09.24.2013)
REAL Possibilities: Candler School of Theology Launches Five New Degree Programs (09.17.2013)
Learn From Candler Faculty — Without Leaving Home (09.16.2013)
Hindes Spotlighted for Work in Food, Faith and Fellowship (09.13.2013)
Upcoming Events at Candler, Fall 2013 (09.13.2013)
Barbara Brown Taylor to Explore Faith Formation in Sept. 26 McDonald Lecture (09.12.2013)
Long Comments on New York Times Piece (09.10.2013)
Renovation Renders Cannon Chapel More Inclusive, Tech-Savvy (09.10.2013)
Erskine Among Emory Faculty Reflecting on King Legacy (09.6.2013)
A Student Perspective: Candler Built on 'Dispensation of Intentional Love'  (09.6.2013)
Remembering John Hayes (09.2.2013)
Taylor's Challenge to New Students: Be 'At Home with Uncertainty' (08.30.2013)
REAL Commitment: Alumni Honored For Service To Church And Community (08.27.2013)
Lafayette Tapped As First-Person Source In Civil Rights Articles (08.27.2013)
Barbara Brown Taylor to Deliver Convocation Address (08.26.2013)
Endowment Honors Pioneer African American Faculty (08.22.2013)
Candler Welcomes New Faculty (08.18.2013)
'Tearing Down and Building Up' at New Student Orientation (08.16.2013)
Craddock to Preach at Higher Ground Camp Meeting (08.12.2013)
Tipton Pays Tribute to Robert Bellah (08.9.2013)
Activists, Musicians, Authors Flock to Wild Goose Festival (08.8.2013)
Wright Answers Ten Questions About Biblical Scholarship (08.6.2013)
Summer Sundays Are Perfect for 'Uncensored' Talk (08.1.2013)
YTI Alumni Come Together for 20th Anniversary (07.29.2013)
Ellison on NPR: African-American Men 'Hidden in Plain View' (07.26.2013)
ATLAS Database Gives Alumni a World of Content (07.25.2013)
Henry-Crowe appointed leader of the General Board of Church & Society of The United Methodist Church (07.25.2013)
'Fearless Dialogues' continues to garner national attention (07.23.2013)
Ellison's 'Dialogues' Fearless, Thoughtful, Emotional (07.22.2013)
Love Among Methodist Leaders Sending Birthday Wishes to Mandela (07.19.2013)
'Modesty Experiment' Teased in Online Column (07.19.2013)
Paying Tribute to Dr. John H. Hayes (07.15.2013)
Dr. John H. Hayes: Scholar, Teacher, Farmer  (07.15.2013)
Ellison to Host 'Fearless Dialogue,' July 20 (07.13.2013)
REAL Dialogue: 20 Years of Youth Ministry Comes Together (07.12.2013)
Religion and Millennial Culture Remixed for the Masses (07.9.2013)
The Liberty Bell and the Hebrew Bible (07.4.2013)
REAL Possibilities: Candler Advantage Makes Most of Summer's Opportunities (07.1.2013)
Lafayette Recalls Voting Rights Struggle (06.27.2013)
Candler Alumnae Inspire Emory Magazine Column (06.24.2013)
REAL Commitment: Bringing Theology to Incarcerated Women (06.18.2013)
Technology No Cure for End-of-Life Grief (06.17.2013)
Saying Goodbye to the UM Reporter (06.11.2013)
Tough Time for Southern Baptists? Key Comments (06.10.2013)
Fall Application Deadline Is June 15 (06.7.2013)
UM Ambassadors Bring Varied Experiences to Summer Outreach (05.30.2013)
Dean Love Talks Benefits of Theological Education (05.29.2013)
REAL Possibilities: New Degree Programs Offer Innovative Opportunities (05.28.2013)
Candler Clubs Connect Alumni to School, Each Other (05.24.2013)
Too Many African American Men 'Cut Dead' (05.21.2013)
Smith to Keynote UVA Conference (05.20.2013)
Class of 2013 Gets Sunny Sendoff (05.14.2013)
Candler Readies to Graduate Class of 2013 (05.7.2013)
Candler Career Resources Aim to Ease the Job Search (05.3.2013)
Conference Honoring Work of Church Historian Brooks Holifield Runs May 9-10 (05.2.2013)
L'Arche Builds Community While Shaping Faith (04.30.2013)
Honors Day Recipients Represent Candler's Best (04.25.2013)
Return to Eden (04.22.2013)
Get Schooled on Alumni Benefits: Auditing Candler Classes (04.18.2013)
Key Explains Evangelical Tonal Change on Homosexuality (04.15.2013)
'Office Hours' slated for April 16 (04.11.2013)
Lynch to Offer Samples from 'The Feast of Language,' April 17 (04.9.2013)
Key Comments in Washington Post Piece (04.8.2013)
REAL Change: We Say Goodbye to Bishops Hall (04.8.2013)
Next Dean's Lecture to Focus on World Christianity (04.7.2013)
Strawn discusses Easter traditions on CNN (04.2.2013)
Wright column addresses the 'Myths of Moses' (04.2.2013)
Smith Muses on 'Making Lent Difficult' (03.28.2013)
The Candler Singers To Perform in Three Georgia Cities (03.28.2013)
Wright Writes of Women's Roles in Passover Story (03.28.2013)
Catholic Scholars Headline Upcoming Dean's Lectures  (03.26.2013)
Join Candler and Emory for Holy Week 2013 (03.26.2013)
Renowned Theologian Michael Welker to Discuss Mercy in Biblical Law March 27 (03.20.2013)
Strawn Appears on CNN to Discuss Pope Francis (03.19.2013)
Check Your Mailbox for "Candler Connection" (03.15.2013)
Candler Taps Atlanta Diocese Leaders to Head Episcopal Studies Program (03.12.2013)
Wright is Senior Editor of New International Publication (03.6.2013)
Strawn Appears on CNN During Historical Week for the Vatican (03.1.2013)
Real Possibilities: NICFA at Candler Powers the Business of Ministry (02.26.2013)
Lösel and Reynolds Named Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology (02.26.2013)
United Methodist Scholarships Application Due March 1 (02.25.2013)
Newsom to Lecture on Evil for Disciple Scholars Event (02.19.2013)
Poet Thomas Lynch to Deliver McDonald Lectures (02.15.2013)
Candler's Episcopal Studies Students Provide "Ashes to Go" (02.14.2013)
Reynolds, Lösel Comment on Papal Politics (02.13.2013)
Candler Alum Elected to Emory's Board of Trustees (02.12.2013)
Candler Alum is First United Methodist Worship Director at National Cathedral (02.7.2013)
REAL Commitment: Candler Couples with a Common Call (02.4.2013)
Strawn on the Bible and Happiness (02.1.2013)
Candler Faculty Host "Office Hours" for Alumni (01.31.2013)
Meet Candler's Distinguished Faculty at First Tuesday (01.25.2013)
Bishop White's Letter to Martin Luther King Jr.  (01.22.2013)
A Service of Naming: The Rita Anne Rollins Building (01.4.2013)
REAL Commitment: An Award-Winning Passion for Teaching (01.3.2013)
Lenten Resource Features Candler Faculty and Swanson Art (01.3.2013)


Merry Christmas from Candler School of Theology! (12.21.2012)
Real Gratitude from REAL People (12.20.2012)
Candler receives grant to improve student financial literacy (12.17.2012)
Leadership Candler Deadline is January 15 (12.11.2012)
New Web Features Spotlight Candler's Distinctiveness to Prospective Students (12.4.2012)
REAL Possibilities: Candler Uses Grant to Teach Financial Literacy (12.3.2012)
Emory Introduces the Wise Heart Society (11.28.2012)
Bishop Stokes Leaves Legacy of Scholarship, Reconciliation (11.28.2012)
Candler Featured in Conference on Discerning Call (11.16.2012)
Candler Faculty to Appear at AAR and SBL Annual Meetings (11.15.2012)
Canada's National Indigenous Bishop to Speak at Practical Peacebuilding Event (11.13.2012)
REAL Commitment: Military Chaplains Serve God and Country (11.7.2012)
WTM Hosts Annual Women's Forum Nov. 16 (11.7.2012)
Shane Claiborne's Lectures Available on iTunes (10.31.2012)
Pacini on "Four Bibles, Four Christs" Nov. 10 (10.30.2012)
Registration Deadline for Practical Peacebuilding Extended to November 15 (10.29.2012)
Candler Alum Elected Bishop of Eurasia (10.22.2012)
Obery Hendricks to Present Howard Thurman Lecture (10.12.2012)
Show, Don't Tell: Shane Claiborne to Bring His Call to Action to Candler (10.8.2012)
Reformation Day to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Kessler Collection  (10.8.2012)
Civil Rights Leader to Deliver Practical Peacebuilding Keynote Address (10.7.2012)
REAL International Engagement: Love of Language Widens World for Student  (10.6.2012)
LaFayette Wins 2012 National Freedom Award (10.5.2012)
Candler Honors Distinguished Alumni (09.26.2012)
First Tuesday Showcases Candler to Prospective Students (09.24.2012)
Holladay Weighs in on Papyrus Find to "New York Times" (09.21.2012)
Strawn Discusses Biblical Teaching on Peace and Violence for CNN (09.17.2012)
George Kalantzis To Open Fall 2012 Dean's Lecture Series (09.12.2012)
Shane Claiborne to address politics, Christians, church (09.7.2012)
Candler Welcomes Three New Faculty Members (08.30.2012)
REAL Commitment: Orientation Keeps Spiritual Formation Front and Center (08.29.2012)
Catch Up with Candler on iTunesU (08.24.2012)
Candler Orientation to Place Increased Focus on Spiritual Formation (08.20.2012)
Newsom to Lead Graduate Division of Religion (08.6.2012)
REAL International Engagement: Candler Advantage Takes Students to Kenya and Korea (08.2.2012)
YTI Gathers Uncommon Teens to Find Common Ground (08.2.2012)
Pitts Website Debuts a New Look (08.2.2012)
Fry Brown Elected to Key Office in A.M.E. Church (08.1.2012)
Student Wins Scholarship to Practical Peacebuilding (08.1.2012)
Candler Alum Elected to Episcopacy in The United Methodist Church (07.26.2012)
Whitmore to Serve as Interim Director of Candler's Episcopal Studies Program (07.17.2012)
Johnson's Book Lauded by Catholic Press Association (07.16.2012)
Dean Love Heads University Provost Search Committee (07.16.2012)
Long's Latest Wins "Book of the Year" (07.12.2012)
Ellison Wins Book Grant (07.12.2012)
REAL Possibilities: Candler Advantage Provides a Sneak Peek of a Pastor's Life (07.2.2012)
Candler, General Theological Seminary Present New Peacebuilding Program (06.27.2012)
"Candler Connection" is Online! (06.26.2012)
Episcopal Bishop to take deanship at Sewanee  (06.26.2012)
Candler's 'Real' Campaign Wins International CASE Award (06.19.2012)
Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You: "Candler Connection" (06.4.2012)
Meet Candler's UM Ambassadors (06.4.2012)
Candler Seniors Give Back in Record Numbers (05.29.2012)
Long to preach on 'Day 1' (05.22.2012)
Candler Awards 126 Degrees (05.15.2012)
Light Rain Will Not Affect Commencement Schedule (05.14.2012)
Candler Gears Up for Commencement (05.11.2012)
Candler Singers to Perform Concert in Cannon Chapel (05.8.2012)
Dean Love Elected to United Methodist University Senate  (05.1.2012)
REAL International Engagement: Candler Student Receives Bobby Jones Fellowship (05.1.2012)
Candler Honors Students' Vocational and Academic Excellence (04.20.2012)
Herring Honors Wife's Legacy with Candler Gift (04.16.2012)
Strawn Appointed to Old Testament Library Editorial Board (04.10.2012)
Saliers to Explore Artist's Storytelling (04.10.2012)
Wright Presents Conference on Jewish Military Service and Belonging (04.10.2012)
Candler School of Theology, General Theological Seminary Develop New Peacebuilding Program (04.9.2012)
Candler Singers Tour Florida, Perform at UMC General Conference  (04.9.2012)
Candler Singers to Perform at Duluth First United Methodist Church (04.9.2012)
What song do we need to sing?  (04.3.2012)
Candler Presence Strong at UMC General Conference (04.3.2012)
REAL Dialogue: Lenten Reflections on Being Christian (04.3.2012)
Candler Takes Learning Online (04.3.2012)
Two "Atlanta Community Leaders of Faith" have Candler Connections (03.5.2012)
Candler Students Deliver Sermons at Preaching Festival (03.5.2012)
The Singing Church: Three Presenters Provide a Sneak Peek (03.5.2012)
William Watley Visits as Whiteside Distinguished Preacher (02.22.2012)
REAL Commitment: Nine Candler Grads Perform 'Dream Worship' Wedding (02.7.2012)
Scotland's John Bell to Lead Evening of Song at Candler School of Theology (02.7.2012)
Candler School of Theology Conference to Explore Congregational Song (01.31.2012)
Diverse Slate of Scholars on Tap for Dean's Lecture Series (01.31.2012)
Rollins Foundation Gives $15 Million to Candler's Building Program (01.19.2012)
Bishop Woodie White's Letter to Martin Luther King Jr. (01.12.2012)
REAL Commitment: Hearing the Voice of God through the Homeless (01.3.2012)


Smith, Thurman Honored by Black Religious Scholars Group (12.21.2011)
Candler Helps Emory Celebrate 175th Anniversary (12.8.2011)
Newsom Completes Term as President of SBL (12.2.2011)
Candler Faculty Play Leading Role in Translating 'Best-Selling Book of All Time' (11.30.2011)
Carroll to Deliver "Jesus: An Undiscovered Faith" on November 14 (11.9.2011)
Real Change: Prison Gates Cannot Keep God Out (11.7.2011)
Moltmann Comes Home to Candler to Explore the Legacy of Luther (11.1.2011)
Candler Scholar to Discuss 'The Bible and the Church's Mission' Nov. 12 (10.31.2011)
Candler Singers to Present 'Emmanuel: God with Us' Nov. 12 and 13 (10.26.2011)
Female Theologians to Honor Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel's Work on October 28 (10.25.2011)
Holifield Inducted as Member of 231st Class of American Academy of Arts and Sciences  (10.24.2011)
Candler Professor Honored for Work with Incarcerated Women (10.18.2011)
Conference calls preachers to find their own voice within Tweet culture  (10.11.2011)
Author James Carroll to Speak on "Jesus Against Himself" (10.7.2011)
Real Commitment: Candler Honors Trio of Alumni Who are Making a Real Difference to Current and Future Generations (10.4.2011)
Candler School of Theology Introduces Certificate in Music and Worship (10.4.2011)
Richey and Holifield Receive Emeritus Recognition (10.3.2011)
Feminist Theologian Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel to Visit Candler Oct. 28 (09.22.2011)
Candler's Annual Reformation Day Celebrates Luther's Role in King James Bible (09.19.2011)
Renowned Lutheran Preacher Visits Candler School of Theology (09.18.2011)
Candler School of Theology's Baptist Studies Program Celebrates 20 Years  (09.14.2011)
Candler Faculty Reach Out to Community to Provide Christian Perspectives on Modern Life (09.12.2011)
Civil Rights Leader to Debut Dean's Lecture Series (09.8.2011)
Real Dialogue: Author James Carroll Engages Community in Discussion of 'Jesus the Jew' (09.6.2011)
Emory Gathers Great Pastors to Share the 'Art of Preaching' Oct. 10-12 (09.6.2011)
Atlanta Mayor Urges Candler Community to be 'Referees for Public Discourse' (08.26.2011)
Mayor Kasim Reed to Deliver Convocation Address at Candler School of Theology  (08.24.2011)
Candler School of Theology, General Theological Seminary Form Partnership (08.15.2011)
Incoming Candler Students Aspire to Make a Real Difference (08.3.2011)
Real Change: Alumnus Kyle Kramer Proclaims Lessons of the Earth (07.5.2011)
Candler's YTI Launches Alumni Academy 2011 (07.5.2011)
Candler students, alums featured on Day 1 Radio Show (06.14.2011)
Real International Engagement: Candler Students Love Thy Global Neighbors (06.7.2011)
Candler Faculty Help Pen New Christian Theology Dictionary (06.3.2011)
Real Commitment: Candler Alum Helps Restore Faith and Order (05.26.2011)
Future Generations to Benefit From Work of Retiring Church Historians  (05.11.2011)
Candler Salutes the Class of 2011 (05.9.2011)
Hedgis named a Beatitudes Summer Fellow (05.5.2011)
Candler Students Play Winning Roles in Global Health Competition (05.4.2011)
Candler Selected to Develop Model International Curriculum for Theological Education (05.3.2011)
Walker Ray Receives Turman Service Award, Donates Portion to Candler (05.3.2011)
Award-Winning Finnish Scholar Shares Research Approach with Candler Students (05.3.2011)
Emory Theology Professors Awarded Prestigious Academic Prizes (04.25.2011)
Candler to Grant More than 100 Degrees May 9 (04.20.2011)
Candler Offers Seminars in Church Finance, Administration (04.19.2011)
Holifield Named to American Academy of Arts & Sciences (04.19.2011)
Candler's Dean Love, Bishop White honored by Morehouse (04.18.2011)
MTS/JD Silas Allard wins Brittain Award  (04.15.2011)
Honors Day 2011 "a celebration of gifts" (04.15.2011)
Theology students find that "less" can be "more"  (04.12.2011)
United Methodist Bishop to join Candler as Bishop-in-Residence (04.6.2011)
Real Change: Pastors Fast to Feed the Hungry (04.5.2011)
'Real' Candler is Making a Real Impact (04.5.2011)
Haitian Dance Troupe Performs "Resurrection from the Rubble" April 18 (03.31.2011)
Erskine to Speak at Candler's 'First Tuesday' Program April 5 (03.24.2011)
Maenzanise Delivers McDonald Lecture March 31 (03.24.2011)
Wright Lectures on Historical Name-Making, Receives Medallion at Collège de France (03.18.2011)
Emory Village Traffic Advisory for Visitors, Commuters (03.16.2011)
Rev. Escamilla Addresses 'Life of Enough' March 29 (03.10.2011)
Whiteside Lectures Feature Poet Thomas Lynch, Professor Tom Long April 11-12 (02.21.2011)
Candler's World Evangelism Chair to Deliver Inaugural Sermon Feb. 17 (02.11.2011)
Episcopal Bishop of Atlanta to Join Faculty at Candler School of Theology (02.10.2011)
Acclaimed Korean Concert Choir to Perform Feb. 16 in Cannon Chapel  (02.4.2011)
Candler Makes Master of Divinity Degree More Accessible  (02.3.2011)
Candler School of Theology Offers Preaching Seminar in Orlando, March 3 (02.2.2011)
Application Deadline Extended to Feb. 1 (01.14.2011)
Candler Public Lecture Series to Herald 'Simple Living' (01.4.2011)


Applications due Jan. 15 for Candler's Top MDiv Scholarships (12.17.2010)
Candler's Luke Johnson Wins Grawemeyer Award in Religion (12.3.2010)
New Candler Website Focuses on School's 'Real' Distinctiveness (11.23.2010)
Candler's Redesigned MTS Program Allows Students to "Go Deep" in Area of Interest (11.19.2010)
A Thrill of Hope Advent DVD Offered for Second Year (11.18.2010)
"Sole Food" Project Collects Shoes for Haiti (11.18.2010)
Join Us for First Tuesday at Candler, Dec. 7 (11.17.2010)
Candler to Host Leadership Candler Scholarship Event (11.17.2010)
Candler's Alternative Christmas Market, Dec. 2 (11.15.2010)
Candler Honors Three Distinguished Alumni (10.22.2010)
Africa University Dean Joins Candler as McDonald Chair (10.22.2010)
Candler conference to focus on conflict transformation (10.11.2010)
Candler's Black Church Studies Celebrates 20 Years (09.7.2010)
Former Head of German Church in Residence This Fall  (08.26.2010)
New Student Orientation Set for August 23-27 (08.17.2010)
Petersen, Long, Holladay Assume New Roles  (08.16.2010)
Candler Welcomes 18th YTI Summer Academy "Exploring Questions that Shape Us" (07.12.2010)
Smith, Ellison to Serve on Journal Board (06.29.2010)
Love Named to ATS Board (06.28.2010)
Candler Wins University-Community Partnership Grants for Con Ed (06.14.2010)
Candler School of Theology Receives Gift from Dunwoody Church (06.7.2010)
Corrie Accepted to Wabash Colloquy (05.31.2010)
Candler supports 'Yellow Ribbon' Financial Aid Program for Veterans (05.28.2010)
Candler Brings Spiritual Formation to the Forefront (05.21.2010)
Petersen Heads OT Editorial Team for New Bible Translation (05.12.2010)
Congratulations, Graduates! Candler Awards 171 Degrees (05.10.2010)
O'Day named dean of Wake Forest Divinity (04.29.2010)
Candler Receives $1 Million Grant for Youth Theological Initiative (04.28.2010)
Dean Love to Preach on National Radio Program  (04.21.2010)
Strom Selected for Holocaust Seminar  (04.9.2010)
LeMon Receives National Grant for Research on the Psalms (04.9.2010)
Sheets Gift Endows Candler's Methodist Studies Program (04.8.2010)
Faculty Books Nominated for Awards (04.6.2010)
Newsom Receives Two Fellowships (03.25.2010)
Craddock, Graves to share preaching insights at upcoming conference (03.12.2010)
Steinmetz to highlight Reformation themes in McDonald Lectures (03.10.2010)
Wright Awarded NEH Fellowship (01.25.2010)
Gladys Mallard Sheets Endowment (01.25.2010)


Newsom receives honorary doctorate, elected president of SBL (12.8.2009)
Smith wins child advocacy award (12.7.2009)
Leadership Candler 2010 (12.1.2009)
Emory's Oxford College, Candler School of Theology Receive $4.25 Million in Gifts from Oxford College Alumnus' Estate (11.30.2009)
Bishop Willimon to speak at Candler Nov. 12 (10.29.2009)
Gildemeister Appointed Director of Development and Alumni Relations (08.31.2009)
Death of Gordon Thompson (08.28.2009)
Candler Student, Anne Wheeler , Wins Research Award (08.19.2009)
Abbington Presents Paper at International Music Conference (08.19.2009)
Candler School of Theology students win national fellowships (07.20.2009)
Oxford College Welcomes Candler Alum As New Chaplain (07.17.2009)
Candler School of Theology student Joshua Case served on the winning team in the recent 2009 Global Health Case Competition at Emory University. (06.16.2009)
Candler Coordinating Council, Jackson Win Emory Eagle Awards  (06.10.2009)
Lartey Wins Lilly (03.12.2009)
Swanson Art Exhibit Gala (03.12.2009)
A Tribute to Nancy Eiesland (03.12.2009)
Candler Student Wins Emory Humanitarian Award (02.11.2009)
Candler's New Calendar! (02.2.2009)
Celebration of Gospel Music (01.12.2009)
5th Annual Emory Sacred Harp Singing (01.10.2009)


Practical Matters Call for Submissions (12.17.2008)
Songs of Light and Life (11.7.2008)
Film Screening Reveals Forgotten Heroine of the Holocaust (10.30.2008)
New Student Orientation 2008 (06.30.2008)
Candler School Of Theology To Host Twenty-first Annual Reformation Day At Emory Events (06.10.2008)
Alumni Partnerships are the Foundation of ConEd Program (05.29.2008)
Black Church Studies Director Named At Emory's Candler School Of Theology (05.14.2008)
Candler School Of Theology Professor To Lecture On Good And Evil (02.12.2008)
Peace conference: Where is the church's voice? (02.6.2008)
Young Faces Bring Hope to Peace Conference Leaders (02.6.2008)
Candler Singers To Perform At Wesley United Methodist Church At Frederica (02.5.2008)
Candler Singers To Perform At Magnolia Manor (02.5.2008)
Jan Love and the Candler Singers to Lead in Worship (02.5.2008)
Candler Singers To Perform On Skidaway Island (02.5.2008)
Bishop William Phillips Deveaux To Preach At Candler School Of Theology (02.5.2008)
Nikki Giovanni Lecture, Reading, Book Signing At Emory Feb. 6 (01.24.2008)
Emory's Baptist Studies Program To Hold HIV/AIDS Discussion Jan. 30 (01.17.2008)
Religion and Politics Documentary, Panel Scheduled at Emory Jan. 29 (01.17.2008)
Emory Theology Professor Receives Templeton Award (01.17.2008)
Candler Professor Elected American Psychological Association Fellow  (01.11.2008)
Letter to Martin Luther King notes major shift in U.S. ethos (01.9.2008)


Korean Students Share Culture, Tradition at Festival (12.19.2007)
"Caring in a Violent World" - Candler's 2007 Fall Conference (11.19.2007)
Ministering in the Midnights of the Human Condition (11.11.2007)
WTM -- Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor (11.6.2007)
Tracy Kidder Lecture (10.24.2007)
Letter to the Editor (05.27.2007)
Commencement 2007 (05.14.2007)
Ministry commission hears survey results on report (02.28.2007)
Candler's new dean settles in university that embraces religion (02.26.2007)
Dr. Lewis Ayres named as Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology for 2007-2008 (02.9.2007)
Rodney J. Hunter Named Professor of Pastoral Theology Emeritus (01.2.2007)
Roberta C. Bondi Named Professor of Church History Emeritus (01.2.2007)


The Sherman Scholarship Fund offered at Emory University's Candler School of Theology (11.15.2006)
The Quenelle Scholarship offered at Emory University's Candler School of Theology (11.15.2006)
The McDonald Scholarship offered at Emory University's Candler School of Theology (11.15.2006)
Frank Scholarship offered at Emory University's Candler School of Theology (11.15.2006)
Ministering in the Midnights of the Human Condition (11.11.2006)
Bill Carroll Receives Distinguished Alumni Award (10.11.2006)
Candler welcomes highly talented and diverse class (08.31.2006)
Commencement 2006 (05.31.2006)
Dean Named at Candler School of Theology (05.10.2006)
Candler Singers tour Tennessee and North Carolina (03.7.2006)
Candler's Connection wins Three DeRose-Hinkhouse Awards (03.6.2006)
Bondi honored by Candler and Emory University (03.3.2006)
Coretta Scott King: Reflections on the Funeral and the Future of the Movement (02.24.2006)
Candler faculty engage Perkins faculty Dr. Evelyn Parker in a Contextual Education diversity workshop (01.12.2006)
Candler Forum to examine future of Black Church Studies (01.11.2006)