The latest changes to Facebook’s algorithm place content from friends and family first in your News Feed. And while we think that’s great, we also hope that you continue to keep up with Candler through the stories, blog posts, videos, events, and more that we share on our social media channels.

Here are a few ways to make sure that Candler still shows up as you scroll:

  • Select the “See First” option on Facebook. When you visit Candler’s Facebook page, click on the “Follow” button directly underneath our cover photo. When the dropdown menu appears, choose “See First,” so that you can ensure new Candler posts will appear at the top of your feed. (We typically post only once a day, so we won’t bombard you.)
  • Don’t just like Candler’s page on Facebook, but follow it as well. While you’re in that dropdown menu for “See First,” make sure it says that you’re following the page.
  • Like and share what moves you. In his announcement of the updated newsfeed algorithm, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that public content on the site “should encourage meaningful interactions between people.” We agree, and hope that the content on Candler’s page meets that expectation! But we’ll only know if you like, comment on, and share the stories that matter to you.

You can also stay in the loop about Candler by:

  • Bookmarking our Facebook page in your web browser. That way you don’t have to sort through your feed—just click and you’re there!
  • Following Candler on other social media channels besides Facebook. We also have a strong social media presence on both Instagram and Twitter, where you’ll find more about life at Candler, student and faculty accomplishments, gorgeous photos of campus, and more. Join us!