library studyAs a new school year kicks off, Pitts Theology Library presents a fresh slate of fall workshop offerings for Candler students. Known as “Weekly Workshops,” the one-hour presentations by library staff members will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. on a variety of topics meant to help students succeed in the classroom, at academic conferences, and in the local church.

While registration for Pitts’ Weekly Workshops is not required, it is encouraged. Lunch is provided for the first ten people who register. Learn more and register for workshops.

A list of workshop titles, dates, and descriptions is below.

Seminary Boot Camp
Tuesday, August 29
Wednesday, August 30

Your first semester of seminary can be overwhelming—this workshop will help you organize and focus your efforts. We will discuss strategies for tackling class reading, taking notes, and finding resources for introductory classes. Let us help you produce your best work!

Research 101
Tuesday, September 5
Wednesday, September 6

There are a number of resources at Pitts that can help streamline your preparation for writing assignments as well as tests. This workshop will explore ways to identify and then use these resources to save you time!

Buying Books on a Budget
Tuesday, September 12
Wednesday, September 13

Books are expensive—especially theology textbooks! This workshop will introduce you to strategies for deciding what to buy, where to buy it, and how to find free/cheap alternatives to buying books. Construct a theology library on a $200 budget? Challenge accepted!

Finding Resources
Tuesday, September 19
Wednesday, September 20

During your time at Candler, you will write close to 100 papers. This workshop will help you to save time and carry out your research with greater ease. We will explore strategies for finding and evaluating reference works, books, articles, and hard-to-find sources.

Methodist Resources
Tuesday, September 26
Wednesday, September 27

Calling all Candler UMC students: whether you are preparing a polity project or crafting paperwork for Board of Ordained Ministry, Pitts has a number of resources that will be useful for your work. Pitts has you covered with everything from DCAs to the Wesley Bicentennial—and this workshop will show you how to find all these resources with ease!

Tuesday, October 3
Wednesday, October 4

Citation is central to academic writing, but can be tedious. In this workshop, we will look at how to cite in Chicago style (with reference to the Turabian and SBL styles). At the end, we will put what we’ve learned into practice through a citation race with prizes.

Tuesday, October 17
Wednesday, October 18

You need to be using Zotero. It will make your academic life much easier. We promise. This workshop will introduce you to the citation management tool Zotero (, which many Candler students and faculty use to keep track of resources, take notes, and generate citations.

Worship Resources for Advent
Tuesday, October 24
Wednesday, October 25

Prepare for the busy season of Advent by exploring key resources for Advent worship services. In this workshop, we will look at resources for worship planning, preaching, and the selection of images and music.

Learn more and register for workshops.