Connect with Candler students and alumni.Did you know that Candler provides career resources for alumni on both sides of the job search? Whether you’re looking for a job or hoping to hire, the “Career Services” section of Candler’s website offers an extensive list of internships, part-time and full-time employment openings, plus the opportunity to post jobs that are available at your church or organization.

Since this section of the website went live in February, over 350 internships and jobs have been advertised, with an average of 35 new postings per month. And job openings are not limited to the Atlanta area; positions are currently listed in twelve states, from Massachusetts to Texas.

Ashley Douglas, director of children and family ministries at Haygood Memorial United Methodist Church in Atlanta, has struck gold twice using the Career Services section. “A Candler student who came to me through the website just left my office after a great conversation, and I have hired her to begin in January,” she says. “Earlier this year, we also hired another student who responded to a posting as our youth pastor, and he is a perfect fit.”

Along with employment listings, the career services section features additional resources for professional development and vocational discernment, including a customized online career library and resources from other Emory graduate schools. You can also sign up to be a career contact, serving as a resource for students and alumni seeking professional development, job opportunities, and spiritual formation.

No matter what you’re looking for, Candler’s career services page is a great way to connect with other Candler alumni and current students.

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