Candler's new Phase II building project includes a new home for Pitts Theology Library, the premier theology library in North America, the Wesley Teaching Chapel, new group study rooms for students, a glassed-in atrium and an outdoor plaza. With the building dedication on August 28, Candler students share what they are looking forward to about the new space.

"The new Pitts Theology Library makes me excited for greater connections this year. Connecting Pitts to the Rita Anne Rollins Building eases students' abilities to incorporate the resources of the library with the discussions and lectures they encounter in the classroom. The open study spaces allow for more collective study opportunities, and the atrium is an excellent meeting space for students, faculty and staff." - Allie Scalf, 2nd-year MTS student

"One of my favorite things about our Candler community is the diversity and depth of the relationships between its members. With the addition of new open common spaces in the atrium and theology library, Candler's geography now mirrors its method of encouraging challenging and inspiring interactions between students, faculty and staff both inside and outside of the classroom." - Andrew Toney, 3rd-year MDiv student

"What I look forward to the most is the expanded space for studying and group meetings. It is wonderful to have a space where the staff and resources are specifically designated for theology students. It is this kind of attention to the needs of theology students that makes Candler a great place to learn." - Alisha Gordon, 3rd-year MDiv student

"I am excited to have a research library that not only promotes personal learning by experiencing texts in their original form through the extensive special collections housed in Pitts, but also a focus on collaborative learning through the various group study rooms and communal learning spaces." - Michael Graves, 1st-year MRL student

"I love the way the new building encourages group collaboration, but there are also pockets where you can be alone and really focus. I think the openness of the space reflects the way the faculty, staff and students are open to each others' stories, experiences and ideas. We want to be with each other and learn from each other. Now there is room to do that!" - Jenelle Holmes, 3rd-year MDiv student

"I am excited about the new and innovative technology that the library offers for theological exploration. I also appreciate the way the new building fosters a sense of community among Candler students, faculty and staff." - Sam White, 3rd-year MDiv student