E. Brooks Holifield, Charles Howard Candler Professor of American Church History, Emeritus, wrote an article featured on Huffington Post's Religion section exploring America's focus on religion, especially compared to that of other Western powers.

"Many Western Europeans think of Americans as hopelessly, bafflingly, and dangerously, religious. Many Americans think of Western Europeans as distressingly, inexplicably, and unrelentingly, secular," writes Holifield. 

Originally appearing on Emory University's blog Sacred Matters, Holifield's article looks to America's history for answers to its religious leanings.  

"More than 80 percent of American adults call themselves Christians; more than a third of adult Americans claim to be 'born-again.' Where do they get this language? It comes, of course, from the Gospel of John, and most Americans mean by it an experience resulting in a deeply felt relationship to Jesus as their Savior. But that was not exactly what sixteenth-century Catholics or even the Protestant reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin meant by the words."

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