Brandon MaxwellThird-year MDiv student Brandon Maxwell is a seasoned conversationalist about Candler’s many offerings. In addition to being a Master of Divinity candidate, he’s recently joined Candler’s Admissions staff, splitting his time between studying and talking with prospective students about what makes Candler the right choice for their theological education.

He sees his role as Assistant Director of Admissions as an extension of his theological formation. “Candler has been a time of growth for me personally, academically and spiritually,” he says. “I look forward to truthfully sharing parts of my story with prospective students to see where it potentially connects with their own stories and discernment processes.”

Maxwell’s first interaction with Candler came in the form of a conversation at a booth at his undergraduate university. “The conversation with the recruiter was quite enriching, and shortly after we finished talking, I knew Candler would be the place that would help me continue engaging in courageous theological inquiry,” he says.

His search for a theological program had led him to explore a myriad of schools, but ultimately Candler felt right to him. “Candler seemed to provide the unique opportunity to engage in rigorous academic inquiry that was still deeply connected to the world in which I lived.”

Although his interest was piqued, Maxwell wanted to find out if his vision aligned with reality—so he scheduled a visit to the campus. “While I thought I had a good understanding of Candler from my conversation with the recruiter and from reading about the program online, it was the campus visit that allowed me to experience Candler in its fullness. Candler was ‘real,’ just like the promotional materials said it would be.”

For those exploring the best framework for their theological education, a personal encounter with the community they may someday join is a key discernment tool, one that Maxwell encourages. “When someone visits Candler— on an individual or a group visit—he or she will get the opportunity to worship with the Candler community, have lunch with a professor and current students, and sit in on an actual class,” he explains. “I believe this immersive campus experience is beneficial because it helps people begin imagining themselves as a part of our community.”

To find out more about Candler and schedule a visit to the campus, contact the Admissions office at 404.727.6326