Lauren ShieldsLauren Shields 13T, a self-described makeup and nail polish addict, spent her first year at Candler dressing down. She stopped wearing makeup; covered her hair, shoulders and knees; and wore loose-fitting, almost shapeless clothing.

Shields’ reasons for this transformation were manifold, and her experiences life-changing. She is writing about them in a book to be titled The Modesty Experiment. But that upcoming book is not the only way Shields is telling her story. Recently, she wrote a piece for that included a memory straight from fifth floor of Candler’s Rita Anne Rollins Building.

“As I sat on the couch at one of the best seminaries in the States, tummy sucked in so I looked thinner, makeup on my face to hide my blemishes, wearing uncomfortable shoes because they matched my outfit even though I had to walk three miles in them, hair with enough $15 product so it laid just so, and my whole ‘look’ completed with a scarf that was always in my way and skirt arranged to look natural but that was actually perfectly placed to cover my knee socks — pinched, pulled, painted and still not good enough, I thought, ‘Is this really any better?’”

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