News Release:

Dec. 20,  2012

Real Gratitude from REAL People

As the year ends -- and application deadlines approach! -- we’re taking time to be grateful for the wonderful people who make up the Candler community. We thought we’d share a few quotes from current students about why they chose Candler:

karen-slappey.jpg“The biggest thing I’ve gained at Candler is the ability to connect all the dots, to make sense of how all the things I’m learning fit together. Whether it’s the Old and New Testaments, or different traditions and theologians, it’s like filling in the missing parts of a treasure map.”
Karen Slappey, first-year MDiv student

jeania-ree-moore.jpg“I was drawn to Candler by its diversity. Students come here with different backgrounds, different life stories, and difference educations. Some of them have raised families. Some are older and some are younger. And there’s real theological and religious diversity—a full spectrum that represents the church more broadly than you might expect somewhere else.”
Jeania Ree Moore, first-year MDiv student

tyler-askew.jpg“I’ve really found my professors’ emphasis on listening to new and different points of view to be compelling. I like that the environment here forces you to step outside of yourself and view things from another person’s perspective.”
Tyler Askew, first-year MTS student

lynn-miller.jpg“Dr. Carol Newsom brings a special energy to her lectures. She encourages us to take risks and helps us make connections between our world and the world of Scripture. My studies at Candler have broadened my perspective and have given me a greater capacity to deal with diverse circumstances.”
Lynn Miller, second-year MDiv student

ben-day.jpg“I was really impressed with the Contextual Education program. It’s a great place to apply theological knowledge in a practical setting.”
Ben Day, third-year MDiv student

melissa-mobley.jpg“I love the enthusiasm Dr. Joel LeMon brings to his classes. And he’s balanced, bringing different perspectives and evidence to bear on the issues we’re discussing. That’s why I came to Candler—to be challenged and stretched beyond my normal ways of thinking about things.”
Melissa Mobley, first-year MDiv student

aaron-carr.jpg“I was flooded with a sense of joy when we sang an ancient Hebrew song in my Old Testament class. Because of that simple melody, I was reminded that Candler is not just a place of intense academic formation, but it is also a place where the whole person is embraced.”
Aaron Carr, first-year MDiv student 

peggy-jean-craig.jpg“Candler has given me opportunities I never would have dreamed of: a class on the Mexican/U.S. border, a conference in India, an internship in Laos, and academic exchanges in Kenya and Washington, D.C. It has opened up a new world where the gospel comes alive.”
Peggy Jean Craig, Candler alumna, 2012 

ella-dedeaux.jpgThere’s a variety in the worship at Candler that satisfies the backgrounds and needs of the whole student body, from high church to more free-form styles.”
– Ella DeDeaux, third-year MDiv student

junil-kim.jpg“The most powerful part of my experience at Candler has been the level of diversity I’ve encountered. We have a unique opportunity to engage in conversation with people from a variety of backgrounds and traditions.”
Junil Kim, second-year MTS student