carroll-window-300px.jpgAward-winning author, Boston Globe columnist, and former Catholic priest James Carroll will deliver “Jesus: An Undiscovered Faith” on November 14 at 7 p.m. in Glenn Memorial Auditorium. This free lecture is the last in a four-part series entitled “Jesus Against Himself: From Itinerant Galilean to Christ of God and Back Again.” Carroll has been speaking throughout the fall in his capacity as the 2011 McDonald Family Chair on the Life and Teaching of Jesus and their Impact on Culture at Emory’s Candler School of Theology.

“I have come to find him one of the most intellectually interesting people I have ever encountered,” said Candler Dean Jan Love. “He has a breadth of knowledge that demonstrates an eager, engaged, and open mind, and a deeply held passion for the common good and the church’s role in helping to create and uphold the common good.”

On Monday, the author of popular works such as “Constantine’s Sword,” “Practicing Catholic,” and the newly released “Jerusalem, Jerusalem” will explore how the Christ of faith can be shattered by violent interruptions in history, such as the Holocaust. Carroll will also explore whether a historical reading of Jesus’ story can revolutionize not only a Christian understanding of the theology of Jesus, but also a Jewish understanding.

In his first three lectures, Carroll has pulled from a wealth of historical, cultural, scientific, and literary sources to create an interdisciplinary view of Jesus. “For most of 2000 years, we have been looking at the gospel from above,” he said in one lecture. “What if we approach it from below, taking as our starting point that peasant nobody -- a human being…like us in everything?”