DeKalb County’s construction of a roundabout in Emory Village at the intersection of North Decatur Rd., Oxford Rd., and Dowman Drive will affect routes to Candler School of Theology on Emory’s campus. The next phase of construction is scheduled to begin Thursday, March 17 and will have several traffic implications.

  • Dowman Drive will re-open to traffic entering Emory’s campus via the main gate.
  • South Oxford Road (near Everybody’s Pizza) will close for approximately 60 days as construction crews work on that section of the roundabout. North Oxford Road near the Chevron station and Emory’s campus will remain open.
  • Traffic lights at the North Decatur Road intersection of Emory Village will be permanently removed and replaced with stop signs. This three-way stop intersection will remain in place until South Oxford is opened to traffic again. At that point, the intersection will operate as a four-way stop until the roundabout is completed.
  • Pedestrian crosswalks will continue to allow access through Emory Village, including Everybody’s Pizza and Saba on South Oxford Road.

Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists should continue to use caution during the construction. The entire Emory Village roundabout and streetscape improvement project is expected to be completed this summer. For updates, visit