News Release:

May 12,  2010

Petersen Heads OT Editorial Team for New Bible Translation

David Petersen, Candler’s Franklin Nutting Parker Professor of Old Testament, is the senior Old Testament editor of The Common English Bible. This new translation will be released over the next year, beginning in October 2010, with the complete edition available in Fall 2011.

The Common English Bible is a not a revision of previous English translations, but an entirely new translation that seeks to communicate biblical texts using language that better reflects natural English communication, without sacrificing the depth and integrity of the texts and biblical scholarship.

“We want to produce a Bible that is both accurate and accessible,” says Petersen. “It’s one thing to translate precisely, it’s another thing to translate based on the knowledge of the larger literary context.”

The Common English Bible Committee is an alliance of several denominational publishers, and more than 100 biblical scholars from 22 faith traditions have contributed this new translation. The contributors feel that this editorial diversity will allow readers across various theological leanings and different social perspectives to better access the translation.

Petersen says that the benefit of having such a large number of contributors from a broad range of faith traditions is that there is no one theological affirmation that people have to hold to in this particular translation.

“It’s accurate not only by the number of people [involved], but the breadth of theological conviction represented among the translators,” he states.

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