Candler's New Calendar!

Now discovering what's happening at Candler is easier than ever before! You are invited to "test drive" Candler's new calendaring system. Here's how:

Start by sampling the "Featured Events" column on Candler's home page. Click on an event title to see the full event description. You will be able to add the event to your personal computer calendar; sign up for designated events; share events with others; and even have reminders sent to you via email or text!

To access Candler's full Events Calendar, click on "calendar" found in the left-hand navigation bar on Candler's home page. Once at the calendar, you can customize your view and your event search.

If you don't like the default "Calendar View," then select a new one from the drop-down "Calendar View" menu found on the calendar's navigation bar (left-hand column).

Search for events using the numerous filtering tools found on the calendar's navigation bar. Hover the cursor over a date on the navigation bar calendar. Events on that day will appear. Or type a date in the "Search Events" field to be taken directly to that date on the calendar. You may search by "Event Type" or "Select Events from Program Areas." Scroll down to the bottom of the Program Areas listed on the navigation bar to be able to select one or all of the Program Area events to be displayed.

Clicking on event titles reveals the full event description, including a Google map to the location as well as the other functions you observed when looking at an event from the "Featured Events" column.

Finally, if you are a student or outside organization, you may "Submit an Event" to be considered for the calendar. Simply click on the "Submit an Event" tab at the top of the navigation bar and follow the instructions on the form. Faculty and staff submit events from the faculty portal.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about Candler's new Events Calendar, please contact Alice Tarkington, Candler Special Events Coordinator, at 404.727.9142.

The Candler Calendar can be accessed using the Calender link on the left hand navigation bar, or dircectly by browsing to