REAL Messages

Candler prepares real people to make a real difference in the real world.

"Cookie-cutter" sameness is not a Candler characteristic. We are people of every stripe -- reflecting and embracing our own ethnic origins, theological perspectives, denominations, political viewpoints, age, and personal stories of faith. What we share is our commitment to Christ and the church.

Candler inspires real people
We engage people with different backgrounds, perspectives, and faith journeys as a means of learning more about ourselves, the world, the world of the Christian faithful, and the fullness of the gospel.

Candler inspires real commitment
We come together in Christian community to learn, to pray, to minister, and to serve God and the church.
We encourage our students to test their convictions, reason through conflict, and ultimately strengthen their faith.

Candler inspires real dialogue
Our faculty engages students through its love of teaching, world-renowned scholarship, & leadership in the church. 
Our students challenge each other to reach beyond what is comfortable and convenient.
Our new building and internationally acclaimed library facilitate the conversation.
Our location within a Top-20 Research University expands our thinking and deepens the debate.

Candler empowers real possibilities
We are committed to both church and academy, to the preparation of ministers and other religious leaders, and to the education of outstanding academic scholars in religion.
We are committed to making theological education affordable.

Candler empowers real change
We encourage creativity and curiosity as our students explore their faith journey and spiritual formation.
We are passionate about justice, mercy, and the fulfillment of the reign of God in the communities we serve. 

Candler empowers real international engagement
We prepare our students to meet the global challenges of the 21st century with our study abroad opportunities and our emerging internationalized curriculum.
Our location in Atlanta offers a vibrant, richly religious, international city in which to learn and work.