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written by: Joshua Long
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Josh and Lisa are working with IRD to develop a home-based care service for orphans and vulnerable children in Mozambique. They sent us these photographs to create a visual context of their daily life, surroundings, and work with IRD in Mozambique’s Inhambane province.

Community activists role play hygiene education at a training in Homoine.

A boy in IRD's orphan/vulnerable children program receives a prize at the Children's Day celebration on June 1st. The World Conference for the Well-Being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, proclaimed June 1 to be International Children's Day in 1925. The day is celebrated in scores of countries throughout the world.

Community activists prepare lunch for 100 children on Children's Day.

Children’s Day Video

“In Mozambique, Children’s Day is used to celebrate the rights and responsibilities of children. Throughout the country, each district celebrates Children’s Day with traditional dances, speeches, sharing of a meal, and the distribution of school supplies. Children from first through seventh grade have the day off to celebrate; however, those in outlying areas of the district are unable to attend the festivities. This year, Kuvuneka, an IRD partner CBO, collaborated with Social Action, the social service branch of the Mozambican government, to organize a celebration for the children in the outlying areas of Morrumbene District. Over 100 children attended the day-long event,” Josh reports.

Kurula, a community organization partnered with IRD, holds a weekly meeting.

View of the market from the front porch.

A hollowed out fishing canoe anchored by an old sewing machine.

Thousands of coconut trees make up the landscape of Inhambane Province.

A view of Inhambane Bay, where Maxixe is located.

We had to cross the border to renew our visa, and were able to spend the day at Kruger Park in South Africa. This is our tour guide, Messias, and our "safari vehicle" (the Toyota Corolla behind us, not the Land Rover).

Some of the animals were a bit too close. (Please note no zoom was used on this photo.)

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