Candler’s 2010 IRD Interns

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Candler School of Theology has received a grant from International Relief and Development, Inc. (IRD) to send eight student interns to IRD service sites in Cambodia, Mozambique, Sudan, Arlington,  VA, and Gulfport, MS, this summer. Six Candler students and two students from Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health will be assessing a broad range of issues, including democracy and governance, HIV/AIDS, child poverty and mortality, and community development. This is the second consecutive year Candler has received a summer intern grant from IRD.

Laura Brekke, 2nd year MDiv student
Sara LaDew, 2nd year MTS student

Laura and Sara are conducting community assessments regarding the effectiveness of community-based nutrition programs that IRD operates in Cambodia. They are developing reports on the implementation of community development strategies and presenting their findings at a workshop for IRD staff and local community officials.

Joshua Long, 2nd year MDiv student
Lisa Schmidt, Rollins School of Public Health student

Josh and Lisa are working to develop a home-based care service for orphans and vulnerable children in Mozambique. In addition, they will create a three-minute film that documents IRD’s efforts in Mozambique for the organization’s website. The goal of the film is to offer a varied perspective of IRD’s work in the country.

Robert Greathouse, Rollins School of Public Health student
Quentin Samuels, 3rd year MDiv student

Robert and Quentin are working to assist IRD in developing infrastructure in Sudan by creating reports and strategies that will increase donor support of IRD. They are also analyzing IRD’s successes and failures in order to make recommendations to IRD on how best to improve infrastructure and programming so as to best serve the region.

Arlington, VA
Marissa Jefferson, 2nd year MDiv student

Marissa is participating in IRD’s Democracy, Governance, and Community Development program. This program provides support for IRD efforts across the globe, including financing, donor support, and publication materials. While in Arlington, Marissa is collecting success stories from various IRD programs and compiling them into print and media presentations. She is also organizing weekly team meetings and working to achieve and maintain program development goals.

Gulfport, MS
Trent Lloyd, 2nd year MDiv student

Trent is compiling reports on IRD’s community development programs in Gulfport, specifically those that include vocational training. He is also assisting in the transition from paper to online registration for project participants. His review of the IRD technical assistance program will be presented to IRD staff for review.

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