Candler Space Reservation Policy

Candler faculty and staff reserve event and meeting space at Candler or Cannon Chapel using a R25 Web Viewer account. All academic-related space requests go to .

Space Available for Booking:

R25 Web Viewer Account Information:

  1. Establish an Account
    An R25 Web Viewer account can be established for Candler faculty, staff, and certain student officers.
    1. Accounts may be established by contacting the R25 Administrator ( ). A username and password will be created for the requestor.
  2. Access Your Account
    1. Please save the R25 Web Viewer link below as a favorite on your computer:   
    2. Open the R25 Web Viewer link to view room availability at Candler and Cannon Chapel.
      • View the space specifications including maximum capacity, and chair and table inventory by clicking on the space number in the left navigation bar on the R25 Web Viewer.
      • Determine the room that fits the event being planned and confirm its availability (white bars = available; blue bars = already reserved).
  3. Submit a Space Reservation
    1. Click on the “My Requests” tab in the top, grey navigation bar to log-on to your account.  
      • Always use lower case letters for both ID and password
    2. Using the "Request an Event" form presented, place your space reservation.
      • Required fields are in red.
      • Do not use “special characters” in the “event name” field
      • The “Event Type” will always be “activity” because class-related space reservations are made by contacting the Candler Registrar’s Office ( )
      • Choose the appropriate sponsoring organization
      • If an event reoccurs throughout the academic year, create reservations by semester. Refer to booking timelines for processing dates.
      • When creating a repeating event, record the initial event date in both start and end date fields and record the event beginning and end times, then select the repeat option.
      • If an event happens on multiple days and each day has a different start and end time. Submit a request for each day separately.
      • Please choose an available space. Only use the “Other” option if you are requesting multiple rooms.
    3. Once the request is submitted a “pending confirmation” email is sent to the requestor by the system.
    4. The space is not considered booked until the Candler R25 Administrator has approved the pending reservation and sent the requestor a final “confirmation” email with the Space Reservation Summary attached.
      • Always open and review the Space Reservation Summary attachment to verify the reservation is correct.
    5. If the pending or confirmation e-mail has been misplaced go into the R25 account to view all reservation requests that have been placed.
      • Go to the “Pending” tab for events that are not yet confirmed.
      • Go to the “Approved” tab for events that have been confirmed.
    6. If changes to a space reservation need to be made:
      • Send the pending e-mail or confirmation e-mail back to the R25 Administrator along with a detailed message explaining the changes that need to be made.
        • To request a change or cancellation on a misplaced reservation go to the “Pending” or “Approved” tab to find the event.
        • Click on the event title. Another window will appear.
        • Copy and paste the reference number into the subject line in the e-mail sent to the R25 Administrator.
      • The R25 Administrator will approve new request and cancel old.
      • A new confirmation e-mail will be sent to the requestor after the changes have been made.
    7. If cancellation to a space reservation needs to be made:
      • Send the reservation confirmation email to the R25 Administrator with a message asking for the reservation to be cancelled.
      • You will receive an e-mail showing the cancellation on the space.  
  4. Address questions or problems by calling the R25 Administrator, Alex Martinez, at 404.727.1663.