Hospitality Suite Reservation for Emory Affiliates


Emory Units may reserve the Dean’s Hospitality Suite (Room 517) in Candler School of Theology, 5th floor Dean’s Suite, 1531 Dickey Drive, Atlanta, GA, 30322. Regular hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.



The standard set for the room  

Suite Access After-Hours Weekdays and Weekends:

Events Serving Food:

Events at which food is served (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks) will be charged for custodial service.  A smart key number must be submitted to cover the custodial costs associated with cleaning the room after an event with food.

The Events Office will submit the work order on behalf of the sponsoring organization.

The smart key will be charged for the time it takes to perform the duties at the rate of $29.96/hour.

Weekend Reservation and Use of Candler Space:

Groups reserving the Dean’s Hospitality Suite, Room 517, over a weekend will be charged for custodial service for each day space is reserved. A smart key number is required in advance for the space to be reserved.

Emory Affiliates Payment Information:

Emory Affiliates will provide a Smart Key number to which custodial fees will be charged.

To reserve the Candler Hospitality Suite, please submit the Hospitality Suite Reservation Form for Emory Affiliates.