Saying Goodbye to Bishops Hall

Sometimes, there must be an ending before a new beginning can occur. That was the case in spring of 2013 when Bishops Hall, Candler’s home for fifty years, was demolished in order to make way for Phase II of the school’s new building. Built in 1957, Bishops Hall was synonymous with Candler for generations of students, but it was not synonymous with technological advances: It could not support the latest in classroom technology, and the cost to modernize it would almost equal the cost of a new building. So Candler officially took its leave of Bishops in 2008. Read more »

Candler Celebrates 100 Years

If 1914 “was an altogether splendid time to start a school of theology,” as Gary Hauk writes in his forthcoming book on the history of Candler, then 2014 is certainly an altogether splendid time to rejoice in the school’s centennial. “The Candler Centennial in Story and Prophecy” is a yearlong celebration of the school’s 100th anniversary, highlighting memories of the past and visions for the future. It begins in August 2014. Read more »