Emory Box Cloud Storage

Emory now offers Emory Box cloud-storage accounts to all Emory students, staff, and faculty. The 25GB of online storage space can be accessed at http://emory.app.box.com (using your Emory login). This service is ideal for giving users access to files regardless of location, for backing up data, and for collaborating on documents.

For a guide to the basic functions of Emory Box and some of its collaborative features, visit the Emory Box support page (http://it.emory.edu/box/), read the Pitts Theology Library’s Research Guide on Emory box.com (http://guides.theology.library.emory.edu/box), or talk to one of the Reference Librarians at Pitts. You may also want to register for the Wednesday Workshop on Time and Information Management tools (like Emory Box), scheduled for January 22nd. We suspect you’ll be hearing a lot more about Emory Box at Candler in the near future!