One important aspect of the culture at Candler is registering for events. Event registration helps various offices, program areas, and student organizations in a number of ways: First, it allows us to track trends of what events are highly attended and which are not. We use this data to plan for the following school year to ensure that our programming is reflective of student body interests and needs. Second, it helps us to be good stewards of our resources when we order food and snacks for attendees. You can only imagine the costs incurred when we order sandwiches for 150 students and only 75 show up! Because we know life happens, if you ever register for an event and can't come, email us at Some events are waitlisted and we can use that information to open up spots for other students, faculty, and staff.

We encourage students, staff, and faculty to read the Candler Chronicle regularly to learn about new events and access registration links. All can be found in the description section of most events (if registration is required).

Check out our video short "Food on Two" that shows you what life at Candler can be like if you don't register for events!