(From left) Dean Love, Jess Cusick, Sara Miles, & Liz ByrdOn November 3, author and activist Sara Miles offered a lecture based on her book Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion. It is a beautiful memoir that chronicles her journey into the Christian faith through an experience of Holy Communion at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco, California.

Sara’s talk brought us a reminder of the Good News of Christ’s Table: in a world filled with fear and scarcity, there is always enough at the Table. It was this Good News that sparked a passion in her to start a food pantry at St. Gregory’s under that premise. At St. Gregory’s food pantry, no one is asked to show identification and no one is turned away. At the food pantry, there is always enough.

Indeed, there is always enough. As Sara shared with us that evening: “The unique power and genius of the Eucharist gives us a glimpse of what can bring our world back to life.”

If your world is looking anything like mine today, it could use a flicker of hope that our world can be brought back to life. Perhaps it is time, as Sara says, to sit down and eat together, and remember that there is abundance at God’s Table. It is time to remember that there is enough.

[Top photo: the Thanksgiving altar at Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church on the Emory campus.]

[Story photo: Dean Jan Love, blog author Jess Cusick, Sara Miles, and Candler student Elizabeth Byrd after Miles' lecture on Nov. 3.]