BrandonWords, words, words – there seems to be no end to them in seminary. How does one craft an exegesis paper, how can I craft a perfectly worded sermon, what does a theological reflection paper really look like? These are the questions the InkWell writing series seeks to address.  Sponsored by the Office of Student Programming’s Writing Center, InkWell is a weekly gathering on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:00 a.m.  During the session, various topics regarding writing, research and theological reflection are presented in an interactive format to help strengthen Candler students’ writing abilities. Subjects such as how to write an exegesis paper, how to begin research for a final paper, and how to write essays for exams are all covered during the InkWell sessions.

Students created the InkWell series. The need for a writing series that would help the entire Candler student body was envisioned by a group of seminarians who brought their concerns to the Office of Student Programming (OSP).  Together with the OSP staff, they crafted InkWell as a space where all Candler students across all programs could continue to strengthen their writing skills. What I love about InkWell is that not only was it created by students for students, but it is led by an Emory Graduate Division of Religion PhD Student.

InkWell is unique, an intimate space where students are encouraged to bring their own projects, whether it’s a research paper for a Candler class, or an outside project such as a church newsletter or sermon. It provides small group discussion that encourages the continued practice of fine-tuning one’s writing abilities for the academy, the church, or community – and theological reflection about why we write, for whom we are writing, and how does God work in the process of writing, is lifted up. 

I look forward to attending the InkWell writing series. Each week, I gain a new insight into my own writing style, learn new skills, or discover a new set of tools that will add depth to my writing, whether it is a sermon or a research paper. InkWell provides a space of formation where one is encouraged to grow and shape his or her own theological voice through the gift of writing.