I have been very fortunate to receive quality formation and education throughout my life—from my church and family growing up, from the public school system, from my college, and now at Candler School of Theology. But, with this said, beginning in college I have had a growing awareness of the ways that education and formation fall short.  For me, these educational failures have occurred when communities create false dichotomies that the students and teachers are forced into: Are you a “head” or “heart” person? Is this “academic” or “devotional”? Do you prefer “theory” or “practice”? I am interested in creating spaces for education and formation that break down these false dichotomies and seek to bring about the holistic transformation of all people involved, and subsequently the real world. Therefore, I have been exploring these questions through Candler’s Religious Education Certificate Program. This exploration includes a Religious Education training retreat I attended which explored digital storytelling as a form of education and formation. The digital story I created, above, is the product of this two-day retreat. In it I sought to respond to the prompt “What is an instance where you learned something significant?” I hope that it illustrates the type of education and formation that has been transformative for me and which I hope to be a part of in the future.