There’s a new student group at Candler, and they aim to play in the dirt and engage their fellow students in dialogue about God, gardens, and good stewardship. The Candler Creation Keepers, consisting of Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies students, had their kick-off meeting last week at Candler.

veggiesAll of the first-year Master of Divinity students are taking Dr. Brent Strawn‘s Introduction to the Old Testament course. One of the texts for the class is Ellen Davis’s Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible, a text with strong roots (pun intended!) in care of the Creation.

Dr. Strawn’s course plus a critical mass of students interested in theology and care of creation has led the Creation Keepers to pursue the building of a garden bed outside of the Theology Building. In conjunction with the Emory Office of Sustainability Initiatives, the proposed garden would be used for education, empowerment, and for vegetables for the theology school.

Hear from some of the Creation Keepers members, how they got interested and what connections they find between gardening, caring for creation, and Christian beliefs and practices!

Share with us how you see the relationship you see between your faith and your living impact in this created world.