Service of Word and Table: Season After Pentecost

Candler School of Theology

 Service of Word and Table

 November 11, 2010 | Season After Pentecost 


Voluntary                                                                            Come Down, O Love Divine                                                               Kevin J. Sadowski

Call to Worship

      May the Grace and Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

And, also with you.

Hymn                                                                             Womb of Life and Source of Being                                                                    see insert

Opening Prayer

      God of love,

take hold of us in this act of worship,

and do not let us go until we have been blessed by a vision of love,

                  infinitely generous, gentle and forgiving;

                  simple, wholesome, mysterious, profound;

            in which all are accepted and no one rejected;

            love that never ends.

      Living God, Love itself,

      live in our hearts now and forever. Amen.

First Lesson                                                                                   Isaiah 65:17-25

Epistle Lesson                                                                                1 John 2:18-27

Gospel Acclamation                                                                             Alleluia

Gospel Lesson                                                                                Luke 21:5-19



Offertory                                                                            The King of Love My Shepherd Is                                                                  C. S. Lang

Great Thanksgiving                                                                                                                                                                               UMH 19

      Musical Setting C

The Lord’s Prayer

Giving of the Bread and Cup

    By Your Hand You Feed Your People                                                                                                                                              Marty Haugen

Prayer after Receiving

Eternal God, we give you thanks for this holy mystery

      in which you have given yourself to us.

      Grant that we may go into the world

      in the strength of your Spirit,

      to give ourselves for others,

      in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Hymn                                                                                   Soon and Very Soon                                                                                 UMH 706


Worship Notes


Greeters:  Randall Wright, Kim Jenne 

Organist: Matt Brittain

Musicians: Jamie Shiell, Dedric Cowser and Candler Chorale 

Readers: Mashaun Simon, Aquarius Gilmore, Nöel Medsker

Preacher/Presider: Dr. Steffen Lösel, Associate Professor in the Practice of Systematic Theology 

Servers: Anna Tew (deacon), Kim Sorrells, Jon Gaylord, Matthew Pierce, Zach Dearman, Aquarius Gilmore

Worship Office Coordinators: Jon Gaylord, Kim Jenne, Nöel Medsker, Kenny McGill, Randall Wright

Collect: Chalice Worship, 164.

Music reprinted by permission: #A-701943


Upcoming Worship:

Tues., (11/16) W&T @ 11:05 a.m.: Dr. Clayton Schmit, Arthur DeKruyter/Christ Church Oak Brook Professor of Preaching; Fuller Theological Seminary    

Wed., (11/17) Evensong @ 5:30 p.m.: Preacher: The Rev. Dr. William H. Shepherd; Celebrant: The Rev. Mandy Brady

Thus., (11/18) @ 11:05 a.m.: Service of Thanksgiving sponsored by Candler Coordinating Council (C3)












…Gospel Lesson                    Luke 21:5-19