Candler Writing Workshops 2013-2014

All workshops will be held in RARB 322 from 12-1pm.

Please register for these events.  Registration is not mandatory, but will allow the workshop leader to get an estimated count for materials.  Drop-ins are also welcome!

Reading Your Way Through Seminary

Thursday September 5, 2013 

One look at your class syllabi and you'll realize that a seminary education involves A LOT of reading. This workshop offers practical tips for developing reading strategies and study habits that will help you survive (and flourish!) during your time at Candler. Bring your lunch!

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Mastering the Art of the Essay Exam

Tuesday September 24, 2013 

The essay exam is a mainstay of large lecture courses. How can you effectively prepare for this type of test? What are some practical strategies for organizing your essay and managing your time? What sorts of things are your professors looking for when grading your work? This workshop will help you quickly improve your test-taking skills. Bring your lunch!

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Writing Your Way into a Ph.D. Program

Thursday October 10, 2013

Are you interested in applying to Ph.D. programs? This panel discussion will address various aspects of the application process, including how to craft your personal statement and writing sample. Following a brief presentation there will be time for open Q&A with professors and current graduate students. Bring your lunch!

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Stylish Academic Writing

Thursday November 14, 2013

Most students assume that academic writing needs to be impersonal, thick with jargon, and loaded with long, complex sentences. But in fact, the best scholarly writing is far more stylish, accessible, and engaging. Whether you are working on a research paper or preparing for graduate studies, learn how to give your academic writing a well-deserved "makeover." Bring your lunch!

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Making Your Point: Crafting and Defending a Thesis Statement

Thursday January 23, 2014

In the world of social media, there is often little need (or enough characters!) for well-reasoned thesis statements. Yet, in both the academy and the church, being able to articulate and support an idea is an essential skill. In this hands-on workshop, you'll have a chance to sharpen your ability to craft compelling and thoughtful thesis statements. Bring your lunch!

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Of Formats and Footnotes: The Finer Points of a Research Paper

Thursday February 6, 2014

Do you ever feel lost in the alphabet soup (MLA, SBL, APA, CMOS) of formatting styles? Have you ever wondered how to effectively use footnotes to enhance a research project? This workshop provides a user-friendly introduction to working with sources and citations in your academic papers. Bring your lunch!

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Writing as Interpretation: Strategies for Exegesis Papers

Thursday March 6, 2014

The exegesis paper comes with all the major challenges of other writing assignments, but in addition it also entails the daunting work of interpreting Scripture. Building off the instruction you have received in OT502 and NT502, this workshop aims to demystify the exegetical task by working through several examples of what successful exegesis papers look like. Bring your lunch!

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From the Classroom to the Congregation: Writing for Ecclesial Contexts

Thursday April 10, 2014

Now that you have mastered the ins and outs of writing at Candler, how do you transition to writing for the church? Are there certain things to avoid? How can you translate what you've learned for local congregations? In addition to discussing these questions, this workshop offers practical suggestions for how writing can play a key role in your pastoral leadership and on-going spiritual formation. Come and join us for a workshop designed to improve student writing! Bring your lunch!

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