Academic Development and Support

Candler offers a variety of programs and resources to help students thrive in the classroom. Workshops, tutoring sessions, and funds for leadership development are a few of the ways that the Office of Student Programming (OSP) encourages Candler students to use and develop their gifts.

Candler Writing Center

Candler offers academic support to all interested students through the Candler Writing Center Programs, located in RARB 311 and organized by Ryan Bonfiglio, Director of the Candler Writing Center and Academic Skills ADVANCE Course Intructor.  Ryan can be contacted at

The Writing Center offers:

One on One Writing Consultation where students are encouraged to bring their writing ideas or assignments for thirty minute sessions.  Writing assignments can vary from sermon preparation to scholarly research papers. Sign-up sheets are available at the front desk in the Office of Student Programming.

Writing Workshops where students learn anything from basic academic skills like thesis development to successful strategies for particular types of writing required in Candler courses.

Writing Resources where students can explore online aids for writing. 

ESOL Programs

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program is designed to meet the needs of Candler’s diverse international student community. An ESOL course aids first-year students in developing written and oral English language skills.  In addition to classroom instruction, tutors and conversation partners are available to provide one-on-one assistance for ESOL students at different levels of language proficiency. Tutoring sessions are held in the Office of Student Programming, RARB 311.

For international and ESOL students, the OSP coordinates ESOL assessments and courses in written and oral communication. Courses are tailored to support students’ academic success in theological studies at Candler.

Click here for the ESOL Student Handbook.

Leadership Development Fund


Through the OSP, Candler offers financial support for student attendance at professional conferences and events offered by other organizations. Students who participate in these learning experiences are asked to share their findings with others at Candler both in academic and informal situations.

To apply, you will need to complete the Application form, Student-Compass Financials Access Request form and Travel Expense Report and return them to the Office of Student Programming in RARB 311. Please check back soon for the 2014-15 application.

International and Off-Campus Study Opportunities

Candler prepares leaders for the worldwide church and offers students the opportunity to enrich their learning experience by participating in a variety of international and U.S. study programs. Through academic exchanges, travel seminars, and internships, students learn about diverse cultures and faith communities. As they witness and participate in God’s work around the world, Candler students transform their own vision of what it means to be faithful and creative leaders. For more information about these programs visit the International Study Page and the U.S. Study Opportunities page.