Student Organizations

Candler Coordinating Council (C3)

Candler Coordinating Council

President: Natalie Faria

Vice President: Brandeis Tullos

Treasurer: Jake DeBoer

Social Chair: Jayde Rasband

The Candler Coordinating Council (C3) is the student governing body for all chartered organizations at Candler School of Theology. Its purpose is to coordinate activities and budget monies for all organizations, including the Committee on Racial Equality, as well as to legislate policies for chartered organizations. The group is composed of representatives elected by student organizations, and various other student constituencies, and appointed representatives including students serving on Candler's standing committees.

Black Student Caucus

Black Student Caucus logo

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Contact Person: President, Byron Wratee

Faculty advisor: Dr. Nichole Phillips 

The Black Student Caucus was established to sustain and enhance African American identity, awareness, and cohesiveness on the Emory campus and at Candler School of Theology. The Black Student Caucus serves as a support group for African American students and as a context for the study of issues facing African American ministry. Through interest groups such as Sistah Circle and Brother/Man, the Black Student Caucus seeks to foster better communication between all persons through dialogue that promotes respect for and understanding of cultural and religious differences, and the needs relevant to those differences. The Voices of Imani provides the Candler community with a magnificent blend of gospel and contemporary music. Black Student Caucus is open to all.

Candler African Theological Student Association


Contact Person: President, Ebo Quainoo

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emmanuel Lartey

CATSA is concerned with the promotion and facilitation of the study of African theologies and cultures. In collaboration with other groups such as the Candler Black Student Caucus and Candler International Student Association, CATSA seeks to foster a sense of fellowship and encourage interaction among African, black (i.e., African Diasporan) and Candler’s diverse student body, staff, and faculty, while also attending to the particular needs of African students. CATSA celebrates the gift and blessing of cultural and religious differences among all persons. CATSA is committed to increasing awareness among Candler and Emory University students of African and international concerns and themes. CATSA believes that the liberation of Africa is bound with the welfare of the world.

Candler Baptist Community

candler baptist community

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Contact person: President, Azuree Owens

Faculty advisor: 

The Candler Baptist Community is a student-led organization that gathers regularly for fellowship and support. The CBC consists of students from several Baptist denominations, and it encourages dialogue among all who share in the Baptist heritage. Periodic luncheons provide an opportunity for conversation and sharing. The purpose of the CBC is fourfold: (1) to provide support for Baptist students preparing for ministry; (2) to provide opportunities for networking and job placement in cooperation with the Baptist Studies Program; (3) to raise awareness of issues of importance that affect Baptist students at Candler; (4) to promote theological education that is enriched and enlivened through ecumenical dialogue and relationships.

Candler Creation Keepers

creation keepers

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Contact person: President, Emily Carroll

Faculty advisor: Dr. Jennifer Ayres

We are a circle of the eco-minded folks at Candler School of Theology. We live at the intersection of faith and environmentalism, ever-vigilant to ways we can encounter God through God's Creation. We have a little something for everyone.  We maintain Candler's educational Theology Garden and meet regularly on Thursdays at noon to tend it.  We host hiking trips on the first Saturday of the month in and around Atlanta.  We also provide ways to engage in conversations about environmental justice, climate change, and sustainability that are rooted in faith.  Come join us!

Candler Evangelical Society

Candler Evangelical Society

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Contact person: President, Rus Black

Faculty Co-Advisors: Dr. Edward L. Phillips and Dr. Kevin M. Watson 

The Candler Evangelical Society is an interdenominational organization whose purpose is to minister to, support, educate, and reach out to the larger Candler community. CES believes the Bible shapes, expresses, and evokes a transformative faith, which is supreme faith in and patterned after Jesus Christ, especially God's redemptive activity in Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. CES seeks to explore the richness of the Christian heritage, paying special attention to traditions of the evangelical faith culture. Participants in CES seek to grow spiritually and theologically through an open and appreciative encounter with the broad range of theological positions and concerns found within the Candler community.

Candler International Student Association (CISA)


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Contact person: President, Martin Finau

Faculty advisor: Dr. Jehu Hanciles

CISA represents the broad variety of international students within the Candler student body. The students delegate a representative from each country to form the association's executive committee. The purpose of CISA is to create and encourage a harmonious community for Candler's students, faculty, and administrators. To this end, CISA aspires to raise awareness of international concerns, provide a forum for discussion of such issues, enable students to share their gifts and talents, and support international students in their academic pursuits at Candler. It is hoped that by participating in and sponsoring activities such as workshops, worship services, community conversations, international lunches, and other special events, CISA will build community. CISA welcomes everyone to be a part of its community.

Candler Latin American Community

candler latin american community

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Contact Person: President, Citlaly Barron

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wesley de Souza

The Candler Latin American Community (CLAC) is a community of students that provides fellowship, expression, and support for Latino/a students at Candler, and any other students with interest in Latin American culture. The CLAC grants Candler’s Latino/as an intentional space of sharing ways in which their cultural backgrounds intersect with their academic, spiritual, ministerial, and personal lives. The CLAC seeks to enrich conversations surrounding diversity and culture at Candler up lifting up a distinctly Latin American perspective. As Latin America spans a number of countries with their own unique values, we aim to recognize Latino/as in their similarities and differences. The CLAC meets three times per semester. All students at Candler are welcome to join and participate in the CLAC.

Candler Women

candler women

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Contact person: President, Shari Ponder

Faculty advisor: Dr. Liz Bounds

Candler Women seeks to provide community support and advocacy for women. Candler Women also plans and participates in worship services for women, Women's Week activities, and Women's History Month, and it promotes the program in Women, Theology, and Ministry. Candler Women co-sponsors events with other Candler groups that minister to the whole Candler community and/or support issues of reconciliation and justice. Membership is open to all who are associated with Candler.

Emory Korean Graduate Student Association


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Contact person: President, Hangoul Choi

Faculty advisor: Dr. Karen Scheib

The Emory Korean Graduate Student Association contributes to the Candler and Emory communities by enriching students' multicultural, social, and academic experiences. Networking and shared interests in Korean/Korean American ethnicity are supported through this organization.


Sacred Worth

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Contact person(s): President, KJ Lewis

Faculty advisor: Dr. Susan Hylen 

Sacred Worth is organized to support the diverse expressions of human love and sexuality among all of God's children and is committed to acts of justice, education, conversation, and celebration with Candler, Emory University, and the larger community. Sacred Worth hopes to be a prophetic voice challenging institutional practices and personal attitudes that limit the diversity of human sexuality, and seeks to make the community a sager, more loving, and respectful place for all people. Sacred Worth welcomes all people, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual or gender orientation, age, or disability and works for the full recognition of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, heterosexual and cisgender persons who feel called to lay or ordained ministry.

Social Concerns Network

social concerns network

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Contact person(s): President, Hillary Taylor & Haley Lerner

Faculty advisor: Dr. Beth Corrie

The Social Concerns Network (SCN) seeks to support, coordinate, and nurture social actions and activism that emerge from our faith commitments. It promotes the living out of theology in an effort to question and transform political, economic, and social structures in society and the world. Recent activities include participation in protests, letter-writing campaigns, prayer and worship services, educational workshops and documentary screenings, and direct activism on campus and in the community, with a focus on issues such as anti-death penalty work, farmworker awareness, and an overarching emphasis on intersectionality. SCN strives to support justice issues within the Candler community wherever they emerge.

Candler Reconciling Ministries

Candler Reconciling Ministries

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Contact Person: President, Jason Hardman

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ed Phillips 

Candler Reconciling Ministries affirms Christ's call to engage in ministries that bring reconciliation and wholeness to all persons. Our hearts, minds, and doors are always open to all individuals. We strive to be a community of spiritual growth that reflects compassion towards all God's children, engaging in prophetic and pastoral outreach to Church and society. We will support both clergy and laity in their ministries, train new leaders, and advocate for the full inclusion of all persons into the life of Candler School of Theology and The United Methodist Church especially with LGBTQ+ persons, people of color, and persons with disabilities.

Order of St. Luke

This organization is currently inactive.

The Order of St. Luke is an ecumenical religious order in The United Methodist Church whose members vow to live the sacramental life and to carry out liturgical scholarship, education, and practice. Along with the Office of Worship, the Order of St. Luke leads Morning Prayer and provides leadership for worship services. Along with the Office of Student Programming, the Order provides for special activities that relate to sacraments and liturgy. The Order meets twice a month to worship together and help in the spiritual formation of its members and friends.