Dr. Shlomo C. Pill's research and teaching focuses on Judaism and Islam, with a special focus on these faiths as normative legal traditions, as well as on American law and legal theory as it pertains to the separation of church and state, religious freedom, and the construction of religious communities and institutions in the United States. A licensed attorney and ordained rabbi, Pill's work brings a wider perspective to Candler's core Christian education by providing students with foundation understandings of the American legal and political context in which they will live and work, and of the practices, philosophies, and commitments of the Jewish and Muslim communities that make up an important part of America's religious plurality.

Pill is the founding Director of the Institute for Jewish Muslim Action (IJMA), a policy-action group building cooperative relationships between American Jews and Muslims through educational programming, policy research, and political and legal advocacy on issues of mutual interest in American public life. Building on his experience in leveraging common interests to promote dialogue, understanding, and cooperation between different religious groups, Pill provides support for Candler's Leadership and Multifaith Program. In addition to his roles at Candler, Dr. Pill is a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory Law School, and an instructor at Emory's Tam Institute for Jewish Studies. A frequent lecturer at universities and religious communities around the United States and abroad, Pill is the author of more than a dozen scholarly articles, and is working on two books, one on the jurisprudence of the late 19th rabbinic luminary, Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein, and another on the separation of political and religious authority and law in rabbinic thought and practice.