Dr. John Snarey, Franklin Parker Professor of Human Development and Ethics

Dr. John Snarey

Dr. Snarey’s research interests include psychosocial development across the life cycle, the psychology of moral decision making, and the psychology of religious experiences, which he studies using longitudinal, cross-cultural, and neuroimaging methods.  A developmental/cultural psychologist and educator, Dr. Snarey is also an associated professor in the Department of Psychology and the Division of Educational Studies. The recipient of numerous research awards, he is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, and recipient of the Kuhmerker Career Award from the Association for Moral Education. His authored or co-edited books include Race-ing Moral Formation: African American Perspectives on Care and Justice (2004), William James: The Varieties of Religious Experience and Moral Formation (2003), How Fathers Care for the Next Generation: A Four-Decade Study (1993), Remembrances of Lawrence Kohlberg (1988), Conflict and Continuity: A History of Ideas on Social Equality and Human Development (1981), and Jesus-Like Relationships (1976).


Dr. John Snarey
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