Contextual Education II

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Site Work

In the second year, students practice ministry in ecclesial settings. Students are able to choose a site for their Contextual Education II placement in which they work eight hours per week. Students who are employed in churches typically work in those churches as their second-year placement. The site, however, must be able to fulfill the five areas of ministry. Those five areas are administration, liturgy, pastoral calling and congregational care, mission/outreach, and religious education. All students are overseen by a site mentor who is an ordained pastor employed full-time in the setting and a graduate of an accredited seminary.

Reflection Group

Along with the site work, students are assigned to a reflection group facilitated by an experienced practitioner in ordained pastoral ministry. Groups will meet bi-weekly in the local ecclesial settings where students are serving. These Reflection Groups are organized by geographic location of the churches in which the students serve.

Course Work

In addition to the site work and reflection group, students are required to enroll in one three-hour Introductory Arts of Ministry course in either the Fall or Spring semester and in one Contextual Education Elective in either the Fall or Spring semester. For further information on these courses, visit the Candler Registrar website.