ConEd I Site Details

  • Site Supervisor:
    The Rev. Susan Bishop
  • Prison Chaplain
  • Phone:706.776.4700

  • About the Supervisor:
    The Rev. Chaplain Susan Bishop has been a Correctional Clinical Chaplain with the Georgia Department of Corrections since 1984. She is a Candler graduate, has a Masters degree in music education from Georgia State, and has been supervising Candler students since 1997. Susan is an ordained Southern Baptist clergywoman.

Lee Arrendale State Prison

Site Mission:

To provide pastoral care and counseling, worship, and ministry to a 1700-bed correctional facility for female offenders. This also includes ministry to approximately 500 staff members and their families.

About the Site:

This site requires a TB test, a background check, and a training session about security issues at the two facilities. Depending on the results of the background check, fingerprinting may also be required. (The fingerprint process will cost $12.90.)

In addition to the required criminal background check Candler requires of all admitted students, this site requires a criminal background check administered by the Georgia Department of Corrections. Students with any criminal conviction should not register for this site.

The Chaplaincy Department at Lee Arrendale State Prison has a variety of programs. These include worship, religious education, music, dance ministry, pastoral therapy groups, ministry to inmates with mental health issues, postpartum issues inmates, inmates with chronic medical issues such as HIV, Hepatitis C, and cancer, and substance abuse issues.

Lee Arrendale State Prison is unique in that it has a Clinical Pastoral Education Program, facilitated through the Care and Counseling Center of GA.

Demographics of female offenders in Georgia are a follows:
53% Caucasian
46.5% African American
5% Hispanic and/or Asian
80% or more have addiction and substance abuse issues.
80% or more have physical, mental, sexual abuse issues.
90% are mothers and/or grandmothers.
The age range is between 13–80.
The average age is between 25–35.

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