ConEd I Site Details

  • Site Supervisor:
    The Rev. Dr. Janice Johnson Hume
  • Director of Chaplaincy Services
  • Phone:404.261.4132

  • About the Supervisor:
    The Rev. Dr. Janice Johnson Hume is the Director of Chaplaincy at Campbell-Stone Christian Centers. An ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) churches in the Atlanta area, the Rev. Dr. Hume is especially gifted in spiritual direction, ministry formation, pastoral care, and worship leadership.

Campbell-Stone Apartments

Site Mission:

The Campbell-Stone retirement communities serve as advocates for older adults by providing housing, services, education and involvement in the community-at-large. We maintain an environment that enhances quality of life, encourages personal development and promotes mutual respect for all of its participants, staff, and other constituents.

About the Site:

Sponsored by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia, Campbell-Stone is made up of two apartment complexes for the elderly with an emphasis on affordable housing. One apartment is in Buckhead, and the other is located in Sandy Springs. Persons of all faiths and ethnicities are welcome here. While the Buckhead area is often perceived as an upper class neighborhood, the 345 room apartment complex located in Buckhead has a heavy emphasis on affordable housing. The Sandy Springs apartment complex has 190 apartments, including one floor of Assisted Living. The average age of residents at the two complexes is 79.

Out of the 600 residents of the apartments, each student is assigned approximately sixty persons as their own "parish." Students meet the residents one-on-one throughout the year. Small group leadership is also a possibility. In the second semester, students have leadership in one worship setting and visit “parishioners” if they are in the hospital or a rehabilitation center. The site allows students to do their visitation on a fairly flexible schedule.

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