Senior Class Gift Campaign

  • Camille Henderson performs during the Favorite Songs and Hymns Worship Service.

  • Haley Andreades, Emily Kelly, and Emily Carroll at Tel Dan in northern Israel, as part of a class on the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

  • Carols in the Chapel: Katharina Lang, Jemiriye Fakunle, Marianella Lopez, Hangoul Choi, and Esther Choy (from left to right)

  • Camille Henderson sings at Carols in the Chapel.

  • Emily Kelly and Rocky Major visit Qumran while participating in a travel seminar on the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

  • Tavares Stephens and Camille Henderson light candles during the Favorite Songs and Hymns service.

  • Emily Kelly and Haley Andreades in front of the ruins of Samaria. They took a course on the the Israel/Palestinian conflict over the winter break.

Senior Class Gift

The Senior Class Gift campaign invites the Class of 2018 to begin building a legacy of alumni engagement and philanthropic giving by making their first donation to Candler School of Theology. All seniors are encouraged to give $20.18 or more to commemorate their graduation year.

Why Should I Give?

The Senior Class Gift is your first step into the community of Candler alumni. After years of growth and new experiences, it's a chance to begin building a legacy of commitment that will benefit future students. Your gift provides meaningful support that can change lives—those of students and those of the people they will serve as they follow God’s call.

Where Does My Gift Go?

Designate your class gift to an area of Candler that you are passionate about. You can designate your class gift to any of the many scholarships and endowments that Candler has established. Here are a few:

  • Theology School Fund for Excellence
  • The Fund for Justice and Inclusion
  • YTI Program
  • Erskine-Smith-Moseley Scholarship Endowment
  • Episcopal Studies Program
  • Black Church Studies
  • Baptist Studies Program
  • Annual Women's Forum

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There is also a place to give in Honor/Memory of once you’ve decided what fund you would like to support. You can give in honor of:

  • Your scholarship donor
  • Student program
  • Con Ed supervisor
  • Professors (present and past)
  • Your home church

Giving Opportunities

Theology School Fund for Excellence – Every dollar of the Theology School Fund for Excellence goes toward student financial assistance, directly affecting our cultivation of the next generation of ministers and public theologians.

The Fund for Justice and Inclusion – The Candler Fund for Justice and Inclusion (the Fund)  provides financial resources in support of student-led efforts that seek to help the Candler community fully honor its stated core commitments—especially commitments of honoring the voices of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender-nonconforming and queer individuals.

YTI Program- Candler’s Youth Theological Initiative focuses on developing theologically-grounded, socially-conscious ministries with youth and young adults, by educating and preparing youth ministers, and leading a summer program for high school students to engage in justice-seeking theological education

Erskine-Smith-Moseley Scholarship Endowment - Erskine-Smith-Moseley Scholarship Endowment, in honor of three of the school’s first African American faculty – Noel Erskine, Luther Smith and Romney Moseley, was established in order to provide students of the school’s Black Church Studies Program with scholarships and stipends to support their theological *Heritage Ball tickets count towards this designation.

Episcopal Studies Program - Candler's Episcopal Studies program is a fellowship dedicated to equipping students for ministry in The Episcopal Church and all the churches in the Anglican Communion. 

Black Church Studies - Candler’s Black Church Studies program prepares men and women to provide learned, prophetic and compassionate leadership in black and multiracial churches; and educates the entire Candler community about the origins, development and contemporary diversity of the black church tradition.

Baptist Studies Program - Candler’s Baptist Studies program prepares men and women for ordination in the Baptist church, with courses on Baptist history, theology and practice, plus fieldwork in church and ministry settings.

Eiesland, Nancy Endowment - The Dr. Nancy Eiesland Endowment for Disability Studies supports scholarly activities to encourage and promote interdisciplinary scholarship in disability studies, including annual lectures or conferences.

Theology Library Gifts - Your gift to Pitts Theology Library helps it acquire additional materials and so enhances its ability to offer scholars and students at Emory and beyond access to the most important ancient and modern theological resources.

Annual Women's Forum - Candler’s Women, Theology, and Ministry program educates women and men to be transformative leaders and advocates for the well-being of girls and women in the church and in the world, through education, vocational formation and advocacy.

Give to the Senior Class Gift Campaign Today.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When you invest in Candler, you are helping the school build upon its clear strengths in educating active religious leaders and first-rate scholars. Your gifts help Candler lead with wisdom, clarity, compassion and tolerance the urgent conversations among the streams of Christianity and with other religions of the world.

More than 80 percent of degree-seeking students receive a Candler scholarship. Your gifts count. Every gift counts.


Designate your gift to an area of Candler that you are passionate about. You can designate your class gift to any of the many scholarships and endowments that Candler has established. Here are a few:

  • Theology School Fund for Excellence
  • YTI Program
  • Erskine-Smith-Moseley Sch Endow
  • Episcopal Studies Program
  • Black Church Studies
  • Baptist Studies Prog
  • Annual Women's Forum

There is also a place to give in Honor/Memory of once you’ve decided what fund you will support. You can give in honor of:

  • Your scholarship donor
  • Student Program
  • Con Ed Supervisor
  • Professors (Present and Past)
  • Your home church


Strong senior and alumni participation in annual giving is a valuable measure of Candler pride and satisfaction. It is also a factor in college rankings and the amount of financial support the university receives from foundations.


The Senior Class Giving Committee encourages you to make a gift that is meaningful to you. Whether that is $5 or $500, every gift counts! We recommend a gift of $20.18 to honor your senior class.


Contact us:

Nefertiti M. Williams
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations 

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Meet the Committee


Senior Class Gift Committee members serve and represent Candler’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations by educating fellow students about the importance of philanthropy and by inviting the senior class to begin their tradition of giving back to the Candler.


Rocky Major
Jayde Rasband
Byron Wratee


David Benjamin Adams
Tala Alraheb
Haley Andreades
J.R. Atkins
John Barnes II
Emily Carroll
Hangoul Choi
Leah Clements
Natalie Faria
Peter Nicholas Georgian
Camille Henderson-Edwards
Jaeseok Heo
Marquice Hobbs
Sarah Kothe
Anna Nicole Lautenschlager
Khalfani Lawson
Sara Maughan
Zachery Moffatt
Tavares Stephens
Hillary Taylor
Tiffania Willetts
Bunny Williams
Micah Wright

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Honor Roll

Donor--In Honor or Memory of

David Benjamin Adams*

Tala Alraheb* 

Thomas William Anderson

Haley Andreades* 

Matthew David Andrews--Mary Stuart Dalton Bland

James Robert Atkins*

John Eric Barnes II*

George Judson Barnes Jr.--Scholarships

Citlaly Lizbeth-Serrano Barron--Candler Latin American Community

Geoffrey Michael Beakley

Connor Joseph Bell--Micah Wright

William Rushton Black

John Michael Blackmon

David Bryce Bowers

Kyle Gordon Bryan

Elizabeth Cumbest Byrd

Ian Campbell 

Emily Grace Ripley Carroll*

Agnes Louise Cason--Evia Wilbor, Daniel Wilbor

Hangoul Choi* 

Chelsea LeAnn Cobb

Terry Lamar Copeland

Elizabeth Warden Corrie--Candler Black Student Caucus

Andrea Cummings 

Jessica Elisabeth Cusick

Andre Kirk Davis II--Senior Class of 2018

Dondra L. Davis

Llewellyn D. Dixon

William Porcher DuBose III--Hillary Taylor

Jeffrey Alan Dunkerley II

Jemiriye Philemon Fakunle

Natalie Sousa Faria-Campbell*

Natalie Wilson Faulkner

Martin Wesley Finau--Candler International Student Association

Nathan Edward Fleeson

Constance Raymona Folsom--Scholarships

Robert Michael Franklin Jr.--James Waits

Cynthia Cox Garrard

Peter Nicholas Georgian*

Larry M. Goodpaster--3rd Year Class

Virginia L. Greer

Jason Grubbs 

Pamela Christine Gutermuth--Rex Matthews

Lorenzo Zachary Harmon

Durham Harris--Beth Corrie

Camille M. Henderson*

Jaeseok Heo* 

Noah Herren

LaRyssa Dawn Herrington

Evan Wilson Hill

Marquice Tremayne Hobbs*

Devante M. Hudson                

SeungJun Hwang--EKGSA

Thomas Gene Jennings, Jr.

Kristopher Jones 

Emily Elizabeth Kelly

Ban-Souk Kim 

Hyungwook Kim 

Laurie Klingenberg--John Barnes, Ebo Edumadze Quainoo

Sarah Michelle Kothe*

Joshua Adam Landen

Marcus Isaac Larivaux

Anna Nicole Lautenschlager*

Khalfani Adisa Lawson*

Jeehyun Lee 

Robert Harrison Levin

Lahronda Welch Little

Jan Love

Brittani Glynn Magee

Rahqwan Tariq Major*

Carol Newsom and Rex Mathews--Senior Class of 2018                 

Sara Rachelle Maughan*

Nicole Felicia McCoy

Adam McDuffie 

Jarred Allen McKinney

Elizabeth Rae Miller

Zachery Christopher Moffatt*

Stephanie Susanne Moffitt

Kevin Faleulu Niuatoa

Azuree Ronnese Owens

Kristi Painter 

Eric Colby Patterson

Lawrence Edward Phillips              Gene Tucker

Mathew Avary Pinson

Ellen Echols Purdum--Mina Yoo, Sarah Michelle Kothe, Teresa Marie Durham, Tala Alraheb, Marquice Tremayne Hobbs, Rahqwan Tariq Major, Khalfani Adisa Lawson, Mollie Schell Lemon

Ebo Edumadze Quainoo

Jayde Lauren Rasband*

LaShaunda J. Reese

Tiffaney LaShawn Ayana Renfro

Elizabeth Holmes Rogers

Joe Dan Rogers--Emily Kelly

Bridgette Young Ross

David Roth 

Alison Sanderson

Brianna S. Sharpe--Ken Rozier

Reginald Wayne Sharpe Jr.--Frazlier Pope III, Ken Rozier

Caroline Delores Shine--B. Jackson Bandy Jr, John Hurst Adams

Daniel R. Smyth

Marcus Miles Stallworth--Noel Erskine

Linda Stephan--David Jenkins, Rex Matthews

Tavares Nakia Stephens*

Kyle Austin Stevenson

Anna Marie Strickland

Jonathan N. Strom

Frances Hillary Taylor*--SCN, Sacred Worth, Candler Evangelical Society

Jessica Elizabeth Terrell--B. Jackson Bandy, Jr.

John R. Tomlin

Britney Toner 

Stephenie Gayle Turnipseed

Diane Guinnell Ward

Tyler Anthony Ward

Joshua Devin Warren

Dorothy Sanders Wells

Tiffania Lissette Willetts*--Scholarships

Avis Evelyn Williams

Bunny Simon Williams*

Eugene Preston Williams

Matthew Morgan Williams--Wayne D. Wiatt

Nefertiti Williams--2018 Senior Class

Rachel Katherine Williams--Debbie Corbin, Ivan Corbin

Byron Deandre Wratee*

Micah A. Wright*

Hyemin Yoo--Hwa Sook Kye

*Denotes member of the Senior Class Gift Campaign Leadership Committee

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"Two of my favorite hymns from the small, black church where I grew up are about journeying with Christ and toward God. At Candler, every stimulating lecture, carefully-crafted sermon, spirited conversation, joyful song, or mindful meal has been sustenance for my journey. Like the songs of my boyhood, I will keep these things in my heart as I journey on life's heavenly highway, and will give back to Candler as a reminder that a piece of my heart will always remain here."
-Byron Wratee, 18T Senior Class Gift Co-Chair
"Candler has formed me in unimaginable ways! My experience was possible with the faithful support of our community of donors, so it's only natural that upon graduation I join that community to support others in having their own formative experience."
-Jayde Rasband, 18T Senior Class Gift Co-Chair
"Serving as a co-chair for the Senior Class Gift campaign is a great honor. However, giving back to Candler is also an honor because I am able to participate in assisting future ministry leaders discern their call to ministry through rigorous academic pursuit, challenging conversations, and the ultimate shaping process that encourages growth both personally and spiritually."
-Rocky Major, 18T Senior Class Gift Co-Chair