Nominate Alumni for Awards

Distinguished Alumni Award

Nominations close June 1

Candler School of Theology invites alumni and members of the Emory University community to nominate candidates for special recognition as one of a select number of outstanding individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to Candler School of Theology, the Church, and the larger society. Nominees should be individuals who embody the Core Values of Candler School of Theology in their work and ministry. As many as two awards (described below) may be presented annually by the Dean upon recommendation of the Candler Alumni Board:

Distinguished Alumni Award for Lifetime Achievement
The Distinguished Alumni Award for Lifetime Achievement recognizes graduates of Candler School of Theology for their lifetime of achievement in service to Candler, the Church, the Academy, and/or the Community. These are individuals who, over a lifetime, have used what they learned at Candler to the fullest in service to others.

Distinguished Alumni Award for Faithful and Creative Leadership
The Distinguished Alumni Award for Faithful and Creative Leadership recognizes graduates of Candler School of Theology who live out the mission of the School—serving as faithful and creative leaders for the church’s ministries in the world. These are individuals who have demonstrated tremendous achievements and who evidence an ability to continue serving with excellence and creativity in their work and ministry. 

Award Descriptions and Requirements

Submit a nomination for the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Previous recipients of this award and its predecessor, the Alumni Service Award, include:

Carolyn Ann Abrams 92T

Robert Lee Abrams 92T

William S. Barnes 73B 76T

Hal Brady III 64T 84T

R. Lawson Bryan 75T 85T

Pamela A. Cahoon 77T

J. William Carroll 54T

Betty Clanton Castellani 83T

Robert Clarke 58T

Brian Combs 06T

John W. Culp 71T

William Flippin, Sr. 82T

H. Eddie Fox 62T

Sarah Gerwig-Moore 02L 02T

James W. Giddens Jr. 87T

Gordon C. Goodgame 58T

F. Stuart Gulley 86T

Don Harp 66T

Susan T. Henry-Crowe 76T

Jay Hodges 72T 91T

L. Bevel Jones 46C 49T

Ginger Rogers Kaney 72T

R. Calvin Kimbrough Jr. 75T

Nelia T. Kimbrough 74T

Dow Kirkpatrick 40T

Lloyd Knox 54T

Carlton Mackey 05T

Kenneth E. Marcus 92T

Tim McClendon 96T

Timothy McDonald III 78T

Cecil McFarland 55T

Marshall L. "Jack" Meadors 58T

Robert C. Morgan 58T

Carolyn Morris 79T

Diane A. Moseley 73T

Kenneth Samuel 81T

Allan Sandlin 89T

Gilbert Schroerlucke 52T 53G

William Self 71T

Herchel H. Sheets 52T

Jasmine Smothers 08T 

Karl Stegall 79T

B. Wiley Stephens 65T

Thomas A. Summers 59T

Gordon G. Thompson Jr. 46T

K. Edward Tomlinson 69T

W. Waite Willis Jr. 75T 83G

Michael John Zdorow 12T

Eugene M. Zimmerman 54T


University Wide Awards

Emory University awards distinguished alumni who have exhibited outstanding contributions to the Emory community or abroad.

Emory Medal
Turman Alumni Service Award
Jake's Golden Heart Award
Outstanding Alumna Award
Sheth Distinguished International Alumni Award