Alumni Webinars

Alumni Webinars

Office Hours: Practical Ministry Webinars

Candler Advancement and Alumni Engagement brings Candler faculty to you! No conference fees, no travel expenses, no leaving your desk - just an hour with one of Candler's fine faculty. Using the GoToWebinar platform, these webinars will enable you to view a live PowerPoint presentation, ask questions, and engage in conversation with your favorite faculty. We hope Office Hours: Practical Ministry Webinars will give you tools for use in your work and ministry.

The Alumni Webinar Program is made possible through support from the Robert M. Denham Lectureship Endowment at Candler School of Theology. Mr. Denham was a member of the Committee of 100 and a teacher and leader in his local church.

Emory Alumni Association Webinars

Alumni Career Services of the Emory Alumni Association offers free webinars that connect alumni with the viewpoints and ideas of Emory's award-winning faculty and fellow Emory alums. Alumni presenters and experts from the Emory community tackle professional development topics.

Upcoming Webinars

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2020 Webinars for Alumni

"Walking Through Grief" - April 22, 2020

In the wake of COVID-19, our communities are facing agonizing grief over the loss of lives, jobs, social contact, daily rhythms, and a sense of stability. How can the church help individuals express grief with honesty and authenticity? What rituals or practices from our traditions can provide a way to process the reality of grief in a way that brings communities together and deepens faith formation?


Kyle Lambelet, postdoctoral fellow
Joya Abrams 14T, associate pastor at Decatur First United Methodist Church in Decatur, Georgia
Brian Combs 06T, founding pastor of Haywood Street Church in Asheville, North Carolina
Quincy Brown 95T, district superintendent of the Atlanta Decatur Oxford District of the North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church

"Facing the Fear of Scarcity" - April 29, 2020

The shutdown of the economy has brought about difficult financial realities for individuals and institutions of all varieties. What would it look like to embrace God’s abundance in the midst of the fears and anxieties that come with scarcity? How can such conditions spark new thinking about how we are to lead and serve in the world?


Emmanuel Lartey, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Pastoral Theology and Spiritual Care
Richard Mosson Weinberg 17T, priest-in-charge at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC
Kimberly Wagner 09T 18G, assistant professor of homiletics, Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago
Quincy Brown 95T

"Longing for the Way Things Used to Be" - Wednesday, May 6

With in-person gatherings canceled, COVID-19 has ushered in a “new normal” for the church. Even as churches have quickly adapted through online services, many long to return to the way things used to be. To what extent is this possible? In what ways can this crisis cultivate fresh and creative ministry practices?


Karen Scheib, professor of pastoral care and pastoral theology
Patrick Faulhaber 12T, senior pastor at North Decatur UMC in Decatur, Georgia
Susannah Bales 12T, licensed marriage and family therapist at Fleurish Psychotherapy and Wise Heart Families; director of children’s ministry at Embry Hills United Methodist Church in Atlanta
Quincy Brown 95T

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2018 Alumni Webinar Lecture Series

October 23, 2018: Dr. Walter E. Fluker, Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of Ethical Leadership at Boston University School of Theology and 2018-19 McDonald Chair

Walking with God: Preparation, Presence and Practice

November 29, 2018: Dr. Walter E. Fluker, Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of Ethical Leadership at Boston University School of Theology and 2018-19 McDonald Chair

Speaking from Sites Reserved for the Dead: Lingering Memories of Martin Luther King, Jr. and The Great Mistake Jamestown Made Long Ago

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2018 Emory Alumni Association Webinars

November 7, 2018: Dr. Ca Trice Glenn 12T, Counselor and Adjunct Professor at Candler School of Theology
Navigating Difficult Personalities in the Workplace

February 15, 2018: Dr. Ca Trice Glenn 12T, Counselor and Adjunct Professor at Candler School of Theology
Overcoming Adversity: The Connection Between Setbacks and Resilience

May 9, 2018: Dr. Ca Trice Glenn 12T, Counselor and Adjunct Professor at Candler School of Theology
Wellness Matters: Understanding Why the Balanced Professional Gets Ahead

July 11, 2018:Dr. Ca Trice Glenn 12T, Counselor and Adjunct Professor at Candler School of Theology
Envision Better: Change Strategies to Rejuvenate Your Career

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2017 Office Hours Webinars

January 18, 2017: Dr. Joel LeMonAssociate Professor of Old Testament
Violence Against Children in the Bible: The Challenge of Psalm 137

February 15, 2017: Dr. James Abbington, Associate Professor of Church Music and Worship
The State of Congregational Song in the Church

March 15, 2017: Anne Kelly, Director of Career Services
Storytelling for Career Guidance

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2016 Office Hours Webinars

February 9, 2016: Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Conflict Transformation
Welcoming the Sojourner

March 2, 2016: Dr. Karen D. Scheib, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Pastoral Theology
Caring for Self and Others through Story

September 29, 2016: Brent A. Strawn, Professor of Old Testament and Director of Candler’s Doctor of Ministry degree program
The Doctor of Ministry Degree at Candler School of Theology: Highlights and Reasons for Being

October 12, 2016: Don Saliers, William R. Cannon Professor of Theology and Worship Emeritus and Theologian-in-Residence
Advent: Shaping Our Eschatological Imagination

November 9, 2016: Ted A. Smith, Associate Professor of Preaching and Ethics
Theological Education Between the Times

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2015 Office Hours Webinars

January 29, 2015: Dr. Nichole Phillips, Assistant Professor of Religion and Human Difference
Redeeming Memories: From the Trauma of Collective Pasts to the Hope of Resurrection

February 26, 2015: Dr. Robert Franklin, Jr., James T. and Berta R. Laney Professor in Moral Leadership
Lent as a Season of Repentance, Reconciliation and Renewal

March 24, 2015: Dr. Jacob Wright, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible
What Do We Know About King David and Why Does It Matter

April 20, 2015: Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson, R.W. Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins
Theological Challenges of the New Century

September 22, 2015: Dr. Elizabeth M. Bounds, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics
Redeeming Responsibility: Why Churches Should Engage in Prison Ministry

October 21, 2015: Dr. Susan Hylen, Associate Professor of New Testament
Safe on Weekends: Responding to Intimate Partner Violence in the Church

December 8, 2015: Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics
Practicing Conflict Transformation

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2014 Office Hours Webinars

January 16, 2014: Dr. Elizabeth Corrie, Assistant Professor in the Practice of Youth Education and Peacebuilding and Director of the Youth Theological Initiative
The Church as Peacemaker in the War on Kids: How Pastors Can Make the Church a Safe Place for Youth

February 19, 2014: Dr. Don E. Saliers, William R. Cannon Distinguished Professor of Theology and Worship, Emeritus
The Psalms of Lament
March 18, 2014: Dr. Gregory C. Ellison, II, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Cut Dead but Still Alive

April 24, 2014: Dr. Carol A. Newsom, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Old Testament; Director of the Graduate Division of Religion,
and Dr. Jennifer R. Ayres, Assistant Professor of Religious Education and Director of the Religious Education Program
Food and Faith: Eating as a Spiritual Practice

September 30, 2014: Dr. Jan Love, Dean and Professor of Christianity and World Politics
The State of the School: Entering Our 100th Year

October 8, 2014: Dr. Gary S. Hauk, Vice President and Deputy to the President, Emory University
Religion and Reason Joined: Candler at One Hundred

November 11, 2014: The Rev. Dr. Teresa L. Fry Brown, Professor of Homiletics and Director of Black Church Studies
Power and Paucity of 21st Century Preaching

December 4, 2014: The Rev. Dr. Joel M. LeMon, Associate Professor of Old Testament
Though the Earth Should Change: Psalms for a Planet in Crisis

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2013 Office Hours Webinars

January 23, 2013: Dr. Thomas G. Long, Bandy Professor of Preaching
Proclaiming the Resurrection: Preaching the Easter Sermon

February 25, 2013: Dr. Jennifer R. Ayres, Assistant Professor of Religious Education
Discovering a Life: How Working For Social Justice Shapes Christian Life

March 21, 2013: Dr. David S. Pacini, Professor of Historical Theology
Prayer and Transformation: Meditation as a Practice of New-Mindedness

April 16, 2013: Dr. Anthony A. Briggman, Assistant Professor of the History of Early Christianity
From Chemistry to Christology: An Early Christian Conception of Jesus

September 20, 2013: Dr. Ted A. Smith, Assistant Professor of Preaching and Ethics
Preaching without Notes: Worship in an Age of Authenticity

October 2, 2013: The Rev. Barbara Day Miller, Associate Dean of Worship and Music,
and Dr. Ed Phillips, Associate Professor of Worship and Liturgical Theology
O Come, Emmanuel: The Sundays in Advent

November 6, 2013: Dr. David O. Jenkins, Associate Professor in the Practice of Practical Theology, Director of International Initiatives, Director of Contextual Education I
Leadership for Short-Term Missions and International Partnerships

December 6, 2013: Dr. Brent A. Strawn, Professor of Old Testament
Why You Need a Doctorate: Introducing Candler’s New Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) Degree

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