Course Schedules & Registration

Course Schedules & Registration

The classes you take at Candler will prepare you to make a real difference in the real world. Our faculty and staff have developed a curriculum that combines theological exploration, practical skill building and opportunities for spiritual growth.

The course schedule is updated prior to the start of each semester. You can find course descriptions in the Catalog and Handbook.

Spring 2016 Course Schedule

Summer 2016 Course Schedule

Fall 2016 Course Schedule

Spring 2017 Course Schedule

Course syllabi from previous semesters are available on Blackboard, using your OPUS username and password to log in. Once you’ve logged in, select “Candler Registrar” under “Organizations,” then click on “Course Syllabi” from the menu on the left. Fall syllabi will be posted as they become available, or at the start of the semester.

Textbook lists are available through the Emory University Bookstore (Barnes and Noble @ Emory).

Prior to the start of the semester, the Candler Registrar will update the registration schedule, indicating enrollment appointments, during which time you can use self-service registration in OPUS. Review the instructions for registering in OPUS.

First-year students will receive registration instructions via your Emory email address, listing your enrollment appointment. Please check the Admitted Students Resources page for more information.

Registration is available to students with no outstanding financial or other obligations to the university. Current MDiv, MRL, and MTS students must consult with their faculty advisers before attempting to register. Failure to do so will result in a hold on your OPUS account that will prevent you from registering until you have met with your adviser. First-year students register in consultation with the registrar’s office.

A late registration penalty of $50 will be charged to a student’s record if not enrolled by the end of the registration period.

Continuous registration is required for all degree programs, either for academic credit or through payment of the non-credit administrative fee. Doctoral students that fail to maintain continuous registration will be terminated from the doctoral program. A student who is not enrolled in consecutive fall/spring or spring/fall semesters must request readmission before registering for a subsequent term.

Students wishing to withdraw their registration will receive a full refund through the end of the add/drop/swap period. After that time, students who withdraw voluntarily receive a pro-rated refund according to the schedule published in the University’s Schedule of Classes each semester. Regardless of whether a student voluntarily withdraws or is dismissed, they are responsible for all financial obligations incurred through previous enrollment in the school.

Students can confirm their class schedules in OPUS once the scheduling period for the school has closed.

Be Added to a Waiting List

When a class reaches maximum enrollment it will appear as closed in OPUS. Email with your name, 7-digit student i.d. and the course you’re interested in and you will be added to the waiting list for the course. If an opening in the course becomes available during the drop/add/swap period, we will let you know via your Emory email account.

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Add, Drop and Swap Classes

If you need to make changes to your schedule after you’ve registered you have until the last day for add/drop/swap posted on the academic calendar. Any course that you drop after the deadline is considered a withdrawal and will appear as such on your transcript.

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Withdraw from Classes

To withdraw from a course, contact the Candler Registrar via email. In such cases, a grade of W (withdrawn) will be assigned and appear on the student's transcript as the course grade. Students with VA benefits or who are studying on a student exchange (F-1 or J-1) visa may need additional permission before requesting a withdrawal. Students may not withdraw from a course after the last day of classes for the semester in which the course is offered. To withdraw from all courses for the semester, contact the Candler Registrar to schedule an exit interview.

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Degree-seeking students at Candler may register for courses, usually at no additional cost, at schools of the Atlanta Theological Association (ATA) or at nearby colleges and universities through the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE) program. Conversely, students from ATA schools may take courses at Candler, pending availability, at no additional cost.

Candler students cross registering at an ATA school

With the exception of classes taken toward the completion of a ThD degree, courses completed at non-Emory institutions, including ATA schools, are counted as transfer credit. Students cannot take courses outside Candler during their graduating semester unless the host school guarantees grade submission by Candler’s due date prior to the start of the graduating term.

  • An MDiv candidate may cross register for a maximum of 18 semester hours at non-Emory institutions, with no more than 12 hours taken at any one ATA institution and no more than six hours taken in any single semester. Specifically required courses, such as OT501, OT502, NT501, NT502, HC501, ST501, ES501 and P501 may not be completed at other ATA institutions.
  • An MTS candidate may cross register for a maximum of nine semester hours at non-Emory institutions, with no more than six taken in any single semester, when justified by the student’s area of interest and in consultation with the director of the program.
  • A ThM candidate may cross register for no more than three credit hours in non-Emory institutions.

To register for a course at an ATA school, view the course schedules listed below and submit the cross registration form to the Candler Registrar. You will be notified when the Candler Registrar’s office receives approval from the host institution.

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ATA students cross registering at Candler

To register for a course at Candler, view the course schedule and submit the cross registration form to the register at your home institution by August 1 (for Fall), December 1 (for Spring) and May 1 (for Summer). Do not contact instructors directly to be enrolled. You will be notified after the dates above if you have been approved to enroll in the course.

Note:  If you are a non-Candler student and you are interested in a course at the Emory Graduate Division of Religion, you must follow the ARCHE policies and procedures.

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Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE) program

The ARCHE program is administered by the Emory University Registrar’s office. Information and deadlines including the registration form can be found on their website.

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