Readmission Application Procedure (Degree Students)


Candler School of Theology requires a complete readmission application, including the Application for Readmission form, all official transcripts (including Emory University), a written statement after a leave of absence, and other documentation deemed appropriate.

Requests for readmission ordinarily are not accepted after a period of three academic years.

A complete readmission application is due July 1 for Fall semester, November 1 for Spring semester and May 1 for Summer semester.

Readmission Form PDF File [PDF 117K]


Applicants must submit the application for readmission, all transcripts, and a written statement. The written statement must include:

Readmission materials should be submitted to:

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
Candler School of Theology
Emory University
1531 Dickey Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30322

The Office of Admissions will communicate in writing decisions regarding requests for readmission. A positive readmission decision is required prior to course registration and Financial Aid consideration.

In addition to the material the applicant provides, the readmission consideration process involves a careful examination of the applicant's previous record, including transcript(s) and financial account, as well as a consultation with the applicant's previous academic adviser, the Academic dean and members of Admissions, Scholarship and Honors Committee.

Candler Scholarship

After a leave of absence, a former Candler recipient should file the FAFSA (international students who are not permanent residents are not required to file the FAFSA). Provided that the student still qualifies for the scholarship with regard to GPA, vocational plan and planned enrollment status, the student's scholarship will be reinstated for the remaining hours of scholarship eligibility. After a withdrawal, the student forfeits the Candler scholarship and the scholarship cannot be reinstated. All degree seeking students who are US citizens or permanent residents will be reviewed for federal loan and work study eligibility.