Travel Seminars

A variety of short, intensive seminars invite students to engage the Bible and theology through travel and firsthand experience of other places and cultures. During the Middle East Travel Seminar, participants from different seminaries learn about the lands of the Bible while they explore the contemporary cultural, religious, and political landscape of the Middle East. Other seminars, such as the World Methodist Evangelism Regional Seminar, are held in diverse locations, such as India, the Philippines and South America. Through participation in these international gatherings, students learn from the experiences of churches and theologians around the world.

Middle East Travel Seminar 

This trip is an intensive travel seminar: a political and archeological tour through Syria, Israel, Jordan and Greece during the last two weeks of May and first week of June.  Approximately five students are selected to join a larger group of seminarians and laity. Applicants who are second-year Candler students moving toward some aspect of parish ministry, who are U.S. citizens, and who have not traveled in the Middle East will receive priority consideration. Participation in an orientation and de-briefing program is required. The cost for each student is about $1,500. No academic credit can be earned. This program requires additional application materials and interviews.

World Methodist Evangelism Institute Regional Seminars

The World Methodist Evangelism Institute (WMEI) at Candler annually sponsors a number of evangelism seminars that seminary students can attend and complete the course requirements for academic credit. These seminars are held every year in different regions of the world, including the United States

This year WMEI will be sponsoring two international seminars in which 15 Candler students can participate for 3 hours of academic credit:

The Institute will assist students in securing funding for some expenses.  The regular tuition charges are to be paid by students to Candler in the usual way.  Each evangelism course is included in the student’s load for the specific semester in which the evangelism course is scheduled, and the Candler professor for the course will guide students with their academic requirements. 

Lecture and workshop recordings from each seminar, as well as other manuscripts and texts, are also available to students and faculty in the WMEI offices.

For more information visit, contact Dr. Winston Worrell or Cary Loesing at telephone 404.727.6344, or visit the WMEI offices on the 3rd floor of Cannon Chapel, Rooms 301 and 302.