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International Study Policies & Procedures

Each international or off-campus study opportunity has particular program application requirements and deadlines. Scholarships may have deadlines of up to a year prior to program participation. Please review the following policies and procedures in preparation for your time away from Candler.

Plan of Study and Residency

Students choosing to pursue international or off-campus study opportunities for academic credit must consult with the Candler Registrar prior to the anticipated program or course for clarification of degree requirements met and requirements remaining, as well as to confirm that the Candler residency requirement will be met.

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See the Candler Registrar for registration matters prior to leaving for your off-campus experience. You may be enrolled in a Candler exchange program course for 12 hours or for full-time equivalency status CFT (Certified, full-time status; 0 hours of credit) depending upon the terms of your exchange program. Alternatively you may take a leave of absence (if available for students in your exchange program). A leave requires an exit interview. Contact the Candler Registrar, ideally one semester prior to your anticipated leave. You are considered not enrolled and are not eligible for scholarship or loan assistance during a leave of absence.

Pre-registration at Candler and full payment of tuition and fees to the Office of Student Financial Services prior to departure will ensure no difficulties in continuous enrollment. Please verify with the Candler Registrar that your enrollment is complete. If you will be on exchange for a full academic year, you must contact the Candler Registrar by email to request continued enrollment for the second semester of your exchange before the add/drop deadline of that semester (second semester registration is not automatically processed).

Registration at Candler for Candler course work completed off-campus may be an option or may be required, depending on your program. If your program does not require Candler registration, you still have several options. You may choose to pre-register for a directed study course by filling out a Directed Study application prior to pre-registration with the Registrar (normally three semester hours). Complete and sign the form, and obtain signatures from the directed study instructor and your advisor. Check the Catalog for directed study eligibility requirements and guidelines. Alternatively or in addition, you might pre-register for a Ministry Internship (CE 645R) through the Contextual Education Office (one (1) to six (6) semester hours). This requires supervision of work by a Candler faculty member. After a professor signs off on the requisite registration form, it should be returned to the Contextual Education Office for final approval by the Director of Ministry Internships.

Registration is not complete until the required payment is made. You may make advance arrangements with Student Financial Services for the Emory Payment Plan (EPP). EPP is available in Fall and Spring semesters; the Office of Student Financial Services must have your correct billing address for the semester/academic year (though communication is generally sent through Emory email and OPUS).

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Financial Aid

Consult with the Director of Financial Aid regarding all financial aid concerns before or during the semester prior to an off-campus study experience.

Candler academic year scholarships are not available for off-campus study unless you are registered for Candler course credit for at least six semester hours and assessed Candler tuition (i.e. Directed Study, Ministry Internship registration, or full-time course registration required by an exchange program). Some Candler scholarships require full-time enrollment (12 or more hours per semester); other Candler awards are prorated for tuition assessed between 6 and 11 hours. Academic exchange participants should determine the number of Candler credits with the Registrar based on the specifics of the Exchange Agreement). Approved Candler scholarships will be credited to your student account; the remaining tuition balance is due by the payment deadline or, if applicable, by Emory payment plan due dates.

Student loans are available through the Emory University Office of Financial Aid for students taking six or more hours through Candler. Loans may also be available for students enrolled in an academic exchange program depending upon the terms of the particular program. Consult the university Office of Financial Aid regarding eligibility for and access to student loan monies, as well as the effect of off-campus study on in-school loan deferments. If eligible for loan monies while off-campus, check with Student Financial Services regarding disbursement and direct deposit of refunds.

You may pursue funding from other sources, including churches, institutions or organizations. See Candler's External Scholarship and Aid Finder for more information.

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Students on leave of absence should contact the Candler Registrar in advance of pre-registration for the semester in which you will re-enroll at Candler.

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Transfer Credit

Discussion with Registrar, prior to off-campus registration is recommended if you wish to have transfer credit approved or wish to take off-campus courses to fulfill particular curricular requirements. At the end of study an official academic transcript must be requested from the institution attended. The institution should mail the transcript to the Registrar for transfer credit evaluation. Retain your work (i.e. papers and tests), syllabi and course descriptions for possible review in the evaluation process.

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Financial Responsibilities

Students who participate in a Candler student exchange program pay regular tuition at Candler. They do not need to pay tuition at the host institution abroad. It is the student’s responsibility, however, to pay for transportation to and from the host institution and for living expenses (housing, food) abroad.

The two German exchange programs offer the option to apply for a full scholarship from the Lutheran World Federation, which—if received—covers room, board, transportation, and an intensive German class prior to the fall semester.

The Emory exchange program with the University of St. Andrews is handled by the university. Every year, four undergraduate and one graduate student from the entire Emory community are chosen to study at St. Andrews. The program comes with full funding and is highly competitive. If chosen, students spend a full academic year at St. Andrews. Learn more about the Emory exchange program with St. Andrews.

In certain other exchange programs, it may be financially advantageous for some students to take a leave of absence from Candler and apply independently at the host institution for admission as an international student. Before you decide on such a course of action, you need to consult with the Registrar and Director of Financial Aid about all the implications of such a course of action regarding scholarships you might receive at Candler and student loans and obligations you may have here or at previous institutions (see Financial Aid section on this page).

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