Academic Exchange Programs

 Candler students participate in semester or year-long exchanges with Candler’s partner institutions. Students can choose from theological schools in nine different countries across four continents. All of these programs afford Candler students unique opportunities to partner with other theology students from around the world and to participate in ecumenical conversations. Candler students benefit from opportunities to study and use other languages, enriching their knowledge of diverse cultures. Many exchange students are impacted not only by the academic life but also by living and learning in community, an essential aspect of many international programs.

Africa University
Location: Mutare, Zimbabwe 
Courses taught in: English  
Curriculum Specialties: Wesleyan/Methodist Studies. Health (HIV/AIDS). Conflict Transformation. The Religions of Africa and African Context for Christian Studies. Agriculture/Land Use. M.A.R. - Leadership for NGOs. Teaching Religion and Theology in Secondary Schools. Gender Studies.
Faculty Contact(s): Dean Jan Love, Dr. David Jenkins, Dr. Jonathan Strom

Georg-August Universität
Location: Göttingen, Germany
Courses taught in: German 
Curriculum Specialties: Theology/Ethics. Bible. History. Intercultural Theology, Ecumenical and Interfaith Studies (with an emphasis on Judaism). Practical Theology:  Church Welfare and Social Work, Pastoral Care, Religious Education, Liturgy and Homiletics.
Faculty Contact(s): Drs. Jonathan Strom and Steffen Lösel

Instituto Superior Evangelico de Estudios Teologicos  (ISEDET)
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Courses taught in: Spanish 
Curriculum Specialties: Liberation Theology/Economics. Gender Studies/Feminist Theology. Sacred Music. Methodist/Wesleyan Studies.  Bible. 
Faculty Contact(s): Drs. L. Wesley deSouza, David Jenkins and Jonathan Strom

Student Blog: Wiil Johnson, a recent graduate, spent an incredible semester at ISEDET. What happens when you drop a seminarian right into the heart of the Argentine Big Apple for six months? Find out by linking over to Will's travel blog.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Department of Religious Studies
Location: Kumasi, Ghana
Courses taught in: English
Curriculum Specialties: Bible. Religion and Science. Religion, Medicine, and Health. Islam. Christianity in West Africa. Ethics. African Traditional Religions. Christianity and Culture. 
Faculty Contact(s): Dr. Emmanuel Lartey

Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität  (LMU) 
Location: Munich, Germany
Courses taught in: German
Curriculum Specialties: Bible. Theology/Ethics. Church History. Ecumenics. Missiology. Practical Theology. Cultural studies. Hinduism. Buddhism. Religious Education.  Opportunity for housing in ecumenical, international Collegium Oecumenicum. 
Faculty Contact(s): Drs. Jonathan Strom, Steffen Lösel, and Joy Ann McDougall

Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Courses taught in: Spanish/English
Curriculum Specialties: Martin Luther King, Jr. Center.  Christian Education. Ministerial Formation. Opportunities for living with a family and interning with a congregation.
Faculty Contact(s): Dr. David Jenkins  [Dr. Guillermo Muñoz, Candler MTS and Emory Ph.D. alumnus]

St. Paul’s University, Faculty of Theology
Location: Limuru, Kenya
Courses taught in: English
Curriculum Specialties: Islam/Christian-Muslim Relations. Development (Masters in Development Studies: Children and Development, Organizational Development, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Community Development, Theology and Development). Faith and Health (HIV/AIDS). Gender Studies.  Pastoral Care. 
Faculty Contact(s): Dr. Karen Scheib; Mimi Kiser and Dr. John Blevins– Rollins School of Public Health

Stockholm School of Theology
Location: Bromma/Stockholm, Sweden
Courses taught in: English – spring semester
Curriculum Specialties: Human Rights. Peacebuilding.  Scholarships for Candler students participating in spring travel seminar to Israel and Palestine.  
Faculty Contact(s): Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall

Universidade Metodista de Sao Paulo (Methodist University of Sao Paulo) 
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Courses taught in: Portuguese
Curriculum Specialties: Religious Education/Pedagogy (Freire).  Economics/Community Development/Urban Ministries.  Liturgy/Music. Wesleyan/Methodist studies. The Church and Culture.
Faculty Contact(s): Drs. L. Wesley de Souza and Jonathan Strom

Trinity Theological College
Location: Bukit Timah, Singapore
Courses taught in:
Curriculum Specialties:
Center for the Study of Christianity in Asia. Emphasis on student spiritual formation (rooftop prayer garden). Liturgy/Worship. Sacred Music. Asian Christianity. Christian Education.
Faculty Contacts(s):
Dr. David Jenkins 

University of Helsinki
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Courses taught in: English
Curriculum Specialties: Bible. Theology/Ethics. Philosophy of Religion. Psychology.  The Religious Roots of Europe: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. The Catherine Institute: Christian studies of Eastern Europe, Russia, Orthodoxy, and Byzantine history and culture.
Faculty Contact(s): Dr. Carol Newsom

University of KwaZulu Natal
Location: Durban and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Courses taught in: English
Curriculum Specialties: Center for Oral History and Memory Work/Resilience Studies supporting HIV/AIDS orphans.  Center for Constructive Theology. Ujamaa Center for Biblical and Theological Community Development and Research. Gender Studies. Religion and Theology in the African Context.   Hindu and Islamic Studies. Religion and Social Transformation. Catholic Theology and Christian Spirituality.
Faculty Contacts(s): Drs. Elizabeth Bounds, David Jenkins and Jonathan Strom

Emory University Exchange Program

University of St. Andrew, St Mary’s College, School of Divinity (Robert T. Jones, Jr. Fellowship)
Location: Scotland
Courses taught in: English
Curriculum Specialties: Center for the Study of Religion and Politics (with an emphasis on Latin America). School of International Studies (Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence). Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts. Institute for Bible, Theology, and Hermeneutics (MLitt in Theological Interpretation of Scripture) The More OT Pseudepigrapha Project.      
Faculty Contact(s): Dr. Ian McFarland

Other Opportunities for Academic Study Abroad

Candler students may arrange to study at other accredited, graduate level theological schools around the world. Generally, this requires taking a leave of absence from Candler, applying and receiving admittance to the other theological school, then transferring credits earned toward the degree at Candler.

Chateau de Bossey, Ecumenical Institute, World Council of Churches

For more information contact Rev. Ellen Echols Purdum at or 404.727.4538.

New Opportunities

New opportunities for international academic exchange and pastoral internships are being developed. Contact the following for more information about:
Pastoral internships: Tom Elliot, director of contextual education II, or 404.727.3006
International opportunities: David Jenkins, director of international initiatives, at or 404.727.4161
Student exchanges: Rev. Ellen Echols Purdum, assistant dean of student life and spiritual formation, at or 404.727.4538