Academic Credit and Financial Aid

Each international or off-campus study opportunity has particular program application requirements and deadlines. Scholarships may have deadlines of up to a year prior to program participation. Following are issues to address as you plan and prepare to be away from Candler for a semester or academic year.

Academic Credit

Plan of Study and Residency

Students choosing to pursue international or off-campus study opportunities for academic credits must consult with the Registrar prior to the anticipated leave for clarification of degree requirements met and requirements remaining, as well as to confirm that the Candler residency requirement will be met (M. Div.: at least five (5) full time Fall/Spring semesters and not more than twelve (12) semester hours total of Summer term enrollment).


See the Registrar to determine the appropriate registration for the specific Exchange Agreement. 

Transfer Credit

Discussion with the Candler Registrar prior to off-campus registration is recommended if you wish to have transfer credit approved. At the end of study an official academic transcript must be requested from the institution attended.  The institution should mail the transcript to the Registrar for transfer credit evaluation. Retain your work (i.e. papers, tests), syllabi, and course descriptions for possible review in the evaluation process. Courses will be considered for transfer credit from ATS accredited, or approved Candler study programs, and a grade of at least “B” (not “B-“) must have been earned. Field experiences or internships are not normally granted credit. Transfer credit is limited to twenty-six (26) credits toward the M. Div. Program, seventeen (17) credits toward the MTS program, and three (3) credits toward the ThM program.

Financial Aid

Consult with the Director of Financial Aid regarding all financial aid concerns as soon as possible and at least during the semester prior to an off-campus study experience.  


Many of the international and off-campus programs include some scholarship or stipend money to help cover the costs of the program.   Candler academic year scholarship awards are not available for off-campus study unless you are registered for Candler course credit for at least six (6) semester hours (to be determined by consultation with the Registrar based on the specifics of the Exchange Agreement) and assessed Candler tuition. Some Candler scholarships require full-time enrollment (12 or more hours per semester); other Candler awards are prorated for tuition assessed between 6 and 11 hours.


Student loans are available though the Emory University Office of Financial Aid for Students taking 6 or more hours through Candler.  Loans may also be available for those enrolled in Certified, full-time status, depending upon the Exchange Agreement terms of the particular program.  Consult the university Office of Financial Aid regarding eligibility for and access to student loan monies, as well as the effect of off-campus study on in-school loan deferments. If eligible for loan monies while off-campus, check with Student Financial Services regarding disbursement and direct deposit of refunds. 

Other Funding Sources

You may pursue funding from other sources, including churches, institutions or organizations. See Candler’s Outside Aid resources list on the Candler Financial Aid website.  

Leave of Absence

You are considered not enrolled and are not eligible for scholarship or loan assistance during a Leave of Absence.  Loans previously under in-school deferment provisions will go into grace period or repayment during a Leave of Absence.  Be sure to contact your lender and make arrangements for payment so that you do not go into default.