Doctor of Theology in Pastoral Counseling (ThD) Degree Requirements

The program requires fifty-four semester hours. Students must be continuously enrolled. Failure to maintain continuous registration will result in automatic termination from the ThD program. Students must complete the program within six years. Extensions may be granted by the ThD committee only under unusual circumstances. The program comprises the following:

Areas of examination in pastoral counseling theory include:

Areas of examination in pastoral counseling practice include: (1) evaluation interviewing; (2) pastoral counseling; (3) supervision; (4) professional maturity as a pastoral counselor; and (5) ability to relate pastoral counseling to the total ministerial role.

The research project and dissertation are undertaken at the end of the program of study. The student executes an approved research project that demonstrates ability to utilize theological and theoretical knowledge in relation to some problem of professional pastoral care and counseling. The project should contribute useful findings and insights in the student's area of theological investigation. The student then writes a dissertation, reporting on, analyzing, evaluating, and interpreting the project.