Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) is designed for experienced ministers who want to strengthen the connection between theology and ministry practice. 

Aims of the Program

Candler’s new DMin program will provide pastors with advanced training and the skills necessary to analyze ministry practices through sustained biblical, theological and community reflection, and to discern, shape and disseminate new practices in the service of the gospel.

The curriculum is designed for experienced ministers—those who have earned their MDiv and have at least three years of experience. It’s for people who are on the front lines of ministry and want to take their practice to a new level of expertise and innovation.

Program Features

Program of Study

The DMin program offers two tracks. The Church Leadership and Community Witness track is geared toward students interested in models of ministerial leadership, while the Biblical Interpretation and Proclamation track will help graduates achieve a theology of Scripture they can use in ministerial practice.

Both tracks are designed to enhance students’ competence in congregational analysis, integrating theology and practice, sharing best practices in ministry, and facilitating collaboration.

Track One: Church Leadership and Community Witness
Year One
Becoming a Reflective Practitioner (taught by Dr. Jennifer R. Ayres and Dr. P. Alice Rogers)
Understanding Community (taught by Dr. David O. Jenkins)

Year Two
Ecclesiologies in Action (taught by Dr. L. Edwards Phillips)
Leadership as a Practice (taught by Dr. Luther E. Smith, Jr.)
Leadership and Witness 1: Working Within the Walls

Year Three
Leadership and Witness 2: Engaging the World (taught by Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall)
Final Project Completion and Presentation

Track Two: Biblical Interpretation and Proclamation
Year One
Becoming a Reflective Practitioner (taught by Dr. Jennifer R. Ayres and Dr. P. Alice Rogers)
Scripture, Theology, Practice (taught by Dr. Ian A. McFarland)

Year Two
Issues in Old Testament Interpretation (taught by Dr. Joel M. LeMon and Dr. Brent A. Strawn)
Teaching as a Practice (taught by Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson)
Issues in New Testament Interpretation (taught by Dr. Susan E. Hylen and Dr. Steven J. Kraftchick)

Year Three
Preaching the Bible (taught by Dr. Ted A. Smith)
Final Project Completion and Presentation

Each year, each track will include two additional online colloquies.

Final Project
DMin students will be assigned a mentor who will assist in designing the final project required for the degree. Courses in each track are structured so students make steady progress on the project’s planning and design throughout the program.

The heart of the final project consists of crafting an innovation in ministry practice in the student’s location of choice. The design will build upon the issues and questions that arose during coursework, and the final product will serve as an ideal example of how Candler prepares real people to make a real difference in the real world.

For more information about the DMin program, contact Candler’s Admissions Office at 404.727.6326 or