The Nett Church

The Nett Church


We enable Nations to Experience Transformation in Jesus Together by drawing the unchurched and dechurched into a beloved community that reflects the diversity of our school systems. We believe that by impacting the lives of individuals they will influence the cities where they live.


  • LOVE - We believe in a church that loves God and loves people.
  • GRACE - We believe in a church where forgiveness can meet everyone.
  • INTEGRITY - We believe in a church that is loyal to God's kingdom.
  • DIVERSITY - We believe in a church that reflects Heaven on earth.
  • DISCIPLESHIP - We believe in a church where everyone is on a journey.
  • TRANSFORMATION - We believe in a church that is a catalyst in our city.



In June 2015, Rodrigo and Kelly Cruz began to hear God’s call to start a church in Gwinnett County, a community that has been called the most diverse county in the Southeastern United States. After 6 months and research and prayer, the church found its first home on the campus of Parkview High School in Lilburn, Georgia.
When deciding what to call the church, Rodrigo didn't just want a regionally specific name like First United Methodist Church of Lilburn. "We wanted to be all-inclusive. God was calling us to minister to more than just Lilburn. Kelly really came up with the name, saying that when we cast a net into the water, we don't get to pick and choose what kind of fish we catch. It's the same with the people we connect to within our community. Our neighbors are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and so much more. We want to reach out to absolutely everybody, and our vision is to enable nations to experience transformation together." The Nett name was chosen, with the additional “t” added to represent Gwinnett.
During the fall of 2015 a diverse and passionate leadership team was formed and on April 17, 2016 the church officially launched. Our leadership team was inspired by Luke 10:2. "The harvest is bigger than you can imagine, but there are few workers. Therefore, plead with the Lord of the harvest to send out workers for his harvest." Through this verse, and daily prayer, we are reminded that there are people in our community that need to experience the real love of Jesus and this harvest, God's harvest, requires a team of passion-driven men and women.

In August of 2017 a prayer was answered and the DNA and leadership of The Nett Church was brought to the campus of Berkmar United Methodist Church in Lilburn, creating The Nett Church: Berkmar Campus. Property renovations began immediately and drew the attention of not only the church community but the local community as well. Each Sunday, more and more families from surrounding neighborhoods gathered at The Nett Church to hear the vision of a community that 
welcomes and embraces people from all kinds of ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds. The team at The Nett continued to drive the mission for a church without borders through weekly worship, small group discipleship, and our very special Mission Sundays, mornings dedicated to closing the church doors and going out into the community to serve and love others.

One year later the growth of The Nett continued  and in the summer of 2018 the DNA and leadership of The Nett Church expanded to  the campus of Bethesda United Methodist Church in Lilburn, creating a second campus named The Nett Church: Bethesda Campus. In addition, the leadership of The Nett Church is exploring the possibilities of expanding to a third campus that can construct Gwinnett County's first full-time overnight shelter. With God's help, the vision for Nations Experiencing Transformation Together will continue both locally and globally.
Accessible to persons with disabilities?Yes
Site NameThe Nett Church
DenominationUnited Methodist Church
Location TypeSuburban
Worship Attendance251 - 300
Worship Times

Sunday: 9:30 & 11:00

Distance from CandlerApproximately 26 miles
iAccessibleublic transportation?No
Can women be ordained?Yes
What role do women play in leadership?Women hold leadership roles in all areas and aspects


The New Testament tells us that many people followed Jesus Christ, but only some became his disciples. The word "disciple" was reserved for students of Christ who believed his teachings, imitated his lifestyle, and called upon other people to do the same.

At The Nett Church we are committed to forming disciples of Christ who are prepared to live out God's mission of reconciling a divided world.

We believe that to be a healthy disciple, you need to be a healthy person. We know that the Bible is a complicated book and we equip people with the tools to translate God's message. We understand that a central part of the Bible is Christ's desire to form a community of believers that break down the barriers of race, gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and political affiliation. 

Being a disciple is not just something that is to be talked about. It's something that should be lived out in our daily lives. At The Nett Church, our calling is to challenge each other to take their faith beyond the doors of the Church.

The Nett Church
675 Pleasant Hill Rd. Lilburn, GA 30047
Lilburn, GA 30047
Phone: 770-923-1403

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