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Communitas UMC Luso-Brazilian Ministry


To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Communitàs basically means “common humanity.” Communitas UMC has added what it believes to be vital to the concept: common humanity in God, who was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.

Unique Opportunities in Ministry

Communitàs is a new church plant and is "under construction." The challenges of doing pastoral care among Luso-Brazilians in Atlanta, particularly in the Metro-Atlanta context are both promising and demanding. Among the challenges Communitas has encountered in ministry with the Brazilians are feelings of: (1) invisibility, (2) social isolation, (3) high levels of stress, (4) parallel ethics and culture shock, (5) culture of illegality, and (6) intellectual “smashing.”

Communitàs UMC was initially formed by a majority of legal/documented immigrants, who have given to the community certain stability and a culture of continuity. The church foresees changes to this profile, as more undocumented people become part of the community. Communitàs will surely experience the many struggles other Brazilian churches are facing with the culture of transit, since the majority of undocumented Brazilians see themselves as “sojourners” rather than “immigrants” because they perceive their permanence in the U.S. as temporary. This concept influences many to describe themselves as “economic refugees,” whose ultimate goal is to return to Brazil with the skills and resources necessary to succeed economically.

The questions Communitàs has asked are: “What’s the most responsive, relevant missiological approach to the contexts and experiences of Luso-Brazilians? How does the church become home for the immigrant, a meaningful community of affection and healing?” Doing church and ministry that fosters a transforming praxis, considering the character of the reality, is a must! In other words, Communitàs does not want to simply reproduce what other churches are doing in the area. It knows that it is called to be an alternative community.

Site NameCommunitas UMC Luso-Brazilian Ministry
DenominationUnited Methodist Church
Location TypeUrban
Worship Attendance20 - 30
Worship Times

Sunday: 7 pm

Stipend?Transportation cost may be covered
Distance from CandlerApproximately 21 miles
Accessible to persons with disabilities?No
Accessible via public transportation?Yes
Can women be ordained?Yes
What role do women play in leadership?Women hold leadership roles in all areas and aspects

Weekly Schedule

  • Sunday:
    • Worship service: 7 pm

Outreach is mostly relational and based on both personal and communal connections with Brazilians in the Metro-Atlanta area.

Meeting the Five Areas of Ministry

Administration: (1) Participation in leadership meetings, (2) coordinating special programs, like Communitàs' Brazilian Colonial Coffee Hour and/or Open Mic, (3) planning retreats and/or a community day, (4) coordinating a ministry strategy, etc.

Liturgy (Worship and Preaching): The student will have active participation in planning the Order of Worship, particularly in the Lord's Supper rituals on a monthly basis, as well as opportunities for dialectical preaching during Communitàs "Crer & Pensar" on a bi-monthly basis.

Mission and Outreach: Communitàs works contextually, works creatively, and does not have standardized and/or systematic mission and outreach programs. Developing relational and communal connections with Portuguese speaking people (students do not have to dominate the language!) must foster creativity.

Pastoral Calling and Congregational Care: To reflect, fully participate and respond to Communitàs UMC’s nature and strategies, those involved in pastoral care at Communitàs: (1) Should be able to help the church build a place to be. He or she should be well aware that “invisibility” is one of the most dehumanizing kinds of social exclusion and that this kind of invisibility creates what one could call "social apartheid;" (2) She or he must be willing to work alongside the existing leadership and community members to foster a Christian community environment that helps people to recover the possibility to freely dream again, to feel that it is possible for immigrants to plan their lives from now on, and to seek for a better life. Communitàs needs partners in ministry that see the need for churches/religious communities that work in favor of the people, to help them overcome the feelings generated by the struggles of life in the U.S. as immigrants. It implies helping people regain their dignity by providing a new identity and self-esteem to the individuals who face material privation, marginalization, invisibility and insecurity; providing structures that support the family, networks that help to break patterns of destructive behavior like alcoholism, criminality and prostitution; and emphasizing talents that stand in opposition to material riches, and fortify the person’s dignity. (3) She or he should embrace the church's perception that to get a better life is not necessarily related to the idea of gaining a better salary. It has much to do with committed networks—union, love and affection. A well-trained, open minded, socio-culturally sensitive student would help Communitàs to create community environments for Luso-Brazilian immigrants to overcome vulnerabilities (cognitive, psychological, social, institutional, economic-financial, environmental), threats and risks (injury or death, loss of economic security, lack of physical, psychological, and social well-being, including the lack of cultural and social reproduction etc).

Location: Beneath North Springs UMC.  

Communitas UMC
Rev. Dr. L. Wesley de Souza
7770 Roswell Rd
Roswell, GA 30350
Phone: 404.727.7196

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